Life in Uganda

I grew up in Africa as a missionary kid from the time I was 9 years until I was 21. My family and I lived in 5 different African countries: Zaire (Congo), Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Morocco. It was an incredible experience that I would never trade for the world. It taught me so much about life, God, and myself. Out of all the countries I few up in Uganda, by far, has always held the most special place in my heart.

Drew grew up spending every summer for over 7 years doing mission work in the Philippines and thus that country holds a very dear place in his heart. When we started dating we immediately saw the passion for missions that each of us had and knew we had found our soul mates.

My very sweet and romantic husband knew how much Uganda meant to me that he even {completely} surprised me and flew me to Uganda to ask me to marry him! How could I not say yes!?!?

Drew & Am, all photos 208

When the Lord officially called us to mission work shortly after we married, we tossed around several different countries; Uganda, the Philippines, and other countries. We were willing and open to go any place the Lord called us! Drew had always loved an organization calledInternational Justice Mission (IJM), a Christian human rights agency that rescues and protects the vulnerable from various forms of oppression around the world. When we started the interview process to potentially join the IJM team and discovered that they had a position they wanted Drew to fill as a Church and Community Relations Fellow in, of all places, Kampala,Uganda, we knew it was the Lord at work!


We began raising support , travelling, and preparing to move overseas. In early 2012 we began packing our bags, (and packed some more), (and packed some more). In May of 2012 we said goodbye to friends and family, boarded a plane, and arrived in Entebbe, Uganda to help IJM put bad guys in jail. Our year there, serving with IJM, wasincredible, amazing, awesome, difficult, stressful, rewarding, stretching and definitely worthwhile. While there the Lord did amazing things in the lives of others through us and in our own lives through others!

During our year in Uganda we helped a young single women safely deliver her baby boy and get back on her feet, were able to meet the girl we sponsor through Compassion,we added a beautiful baby girl to our family, and we loved our work with IJM. In May of 2013 we packed up again, said more goodbyes, and boarded the plane back to America. It was an awesome adventure and we hope someday the Lord leads our family overseas again.

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