How To Keep a Clean House in 20-30 Minutes a Day

I’m generally an all or nothing type person. When I start a project I like to finish it as soon as I can. I don’t like starting something new until I’ve finished up what I started earlier. This personality trait has, for all of my adult years, carried over into how I clean my house. For years my cleaning schedule has gone like this: 1.) wait until the house gets dirty enough that I can’t stand it anymore (which isn’t long…I’m a neat freak) 2.) spend the whole day cleaning the entire house from top to bottom 3.) crawl into bed at night exhausted with dry hands and a sore back.

That schedule worked ok for a while and I’ll admit there is something so soothing about having your whole house clean at once. But, let’s face it… with kids the whole house stays clean for a total of about 5 minutes before something’s messy again. Plus, it was getting harder and harder for me to find a day where I could devote 5+ hours just to cleaning my house. I pay (too much) attention to detail when I clean and also end up sorting, rearranging, putting things away while I clean. That, coupled with lots of interruptions from the children, made for very long days of cleaning (yes, they do help me with cleaning but their “help” often creates more clean up for me!).

But everything has changed! You guys…. I have found a solution! I have changed my cleaning habits from a project into a practice. I’ve implemented THE TWO WEEK CLEANING SCHEDULE! It totally goes against my grain but I have gotten into the routine of it and I am loving it! All it takes is about 20 -30 minutes of cleaning a day. And the good thing is…my house always feels clean!

Ok so you may have seen people post before about how they clean one area of their house each day of the week and then they always have a clean house. Yea, well, that sounds good in theory… but cleaning each part of my house every week is just too much for me (honest truth). And, while some areas of the house could use a cleaning once a week, there are many areas that I think do just fine with a cleaning every two weeks. So that’s what I do. I choose one area of the house to clean each day and complete the whole house over a two week period. Here’s my sample schedule:

Week One:

Monday: Vacuum
Tuesday: Deep clean kitchen
Wednesday: Master bathroom
Thursday: Guest bathroom

Week Two:

Monday: Empty trash throughout house, clean windows (not all my windows but things like the slider and back door which the kids touch)
Tuesday: Dust
Wednesday: Sweep
Thursday: Mop

I have chosen not to clean on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because I like to have the weekends free and I also like to have some extra days in case one day I just can’t fit in the time to clean. I also do laundry on the weekends and meal prep. But if you have a larger house or more areas to clean you can always add some or all of those days to spread out the work. Also once a month on a Friday or Saturday I do something that only needs to be done once every couple of months like windows, blinds, ceiling fans, and baseboards. As a side note, this schedule does not include things like dishes, picking up toys, putting away clothes, vacuuming or sweeping up spills and messes, etc. These are things that I do on a daily basis and don’t need to add to my cleaning schedule. I will also swipe the toilet or wipe down the bathroom sink real quick if need be in between cleaning days. This list is just for the more scheduled deep cleanings, not the quick things I do daily.

The beauty of a schedule like this is you can customize it however you like! You can do a little something every day of the week or cut it down to just 3 days a week. You can clean the bathrooms once a week instead of once every two weeks if yours get dirty quicker (I’ll admit they probably do need it but I just hate cleaning bathrooms so I figure once every 2 weeks is enough!). If your dog sheds and you need to vacuum every day then add vacuuming along with something else to your schedule. The only carpet we have is in our bedrooms so I don’t need to vacuum as often. The key is, don’t overload the schedule! If your cleaning is going to take more than 20-30 minutes you probably aren’t going to get to it each and every day because it’s too time consuming. You want short, quick jobs that you can accomplish quickly and that you won’t be able to talk yourself out of.

I’ve been loving my two week cleaning schedule so far and it’s taken alot of stress off of me as I know that at any given time most areas of my house are clean. What about you? What methods of cleaning work for you? What household chore do you absolutely hate to do? I’d love to hear!


Everything Was Awesome – How to Throw a Lego Birthday Party


Alright guys, I’ve been working on getting all the details together of how I made everything for Isaiah’s 5th birthday party last week. I’ve included descriptions along with links where appropriate. This was probably the most fun to plan birthday party I’ve done for my kids so far. And it was easy and pretty cheap since I made much of the food and decorations myself! Hope this will help you throw an awesome Lego birthday party as well!

Lego Birthday Party Invitations

There are tons of cute Lego birthday party invites available on Etsy but I was looking for something I could get for free (people just throw away the invites anyways, right!?!?). After much searching, I finally landed on these invites. I printed them on heavy card stock in full color, filled them out with the details of the party and glued them onto a slightly larger piece of colored (red, yellow, blue or green) card stock for a cute invite. I was happy with how they turned out and happy that I had all the supplies on hand to make them which made them FREE!! (I even had envelopes and stamps on hand!)

You can print these same invites here.

Lego Head Marshmallow Pops

These Lego head marshmallow pops were very time consuming but not necessarily hard to make. And they turned out so cute! If you’re more artistically gifted than me you could definitely make faces that better resemble actual Lego men. ūüėČ

Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Regular marshmallows¬†
  • Yellow candy¬†melts¬†(you can buy these at Wal-Mart, Michaels, Amazon…. pretty much anywhere!)¬†
  • Lollipop Sticks¬†(I bought mine at Michael’s)¬†


Cut the mini marshmallows in half horizontally and attached them to the regular marshmallows with a drop of melted yellow candy melts. (When melting the candy melts make sure not to overheat the candy – it will become hard and unusable!)

Dip the lollipop stick in the melted candy melts and insert in to the bottom of the Lego head.

Dip the Lego heads into the candy melts and completely coat. I had to use a spoon in order to get the heads smooth with no drips.

Stick them in a piece of Styrofoam or a cookie cooler rack to dry and then add faces with the gel! Give yourself several hours (don’t start at 9 at night the day before the party like me) to make these. They are very very time consuming!

To display them on party day Drew had the idea to wrap a shoebox and drill holes in the top. It worked PERFECT to keep them separated and upright!

They turned out cute AND yummy!!!

You can buy the candy melts to make these pops here.

Shoe box Lego Decorations

The week before Isaiah’s party I came across some awesome deals on kids shoes at Target and ended up with all these shoe-boxes I had no use for. I had them in the recycling bin for a day and then an idea dawned on me. I could make them into giant Legos and use them as decorations!! Thus inspired a super easy and cheap way to decorate for a Lego birthday party. Just buy some red, green, yellow, or blue wrapping paper (I got mine at the dollar store!) and print off these handy dandy circles that already have the Lego logo on them (best to print them on card stock if you can) and, wah-la! Cute, cheap, decorations!

You can print these Lego circles here.

Lego Brick and Lego Men Chocolates

All you need to make your own Lego chocolates are primary colored bags of Wilton Candy Melts and Lego brick and/or Lego men molds. I bought these molds off of Amazon and was very happy with them!

Be VERY careful not to overheat the candy melts. I had a few batches overheat and become hard and lumpy and they ended up not looking so good. Spoon the melted candy melts into the molds and then {don’t skip this part!} pick up and drop down the mold several times on the counter. You’ll see 6 or more air bubbles come to the surface after a few bounces. This is the air that was trapped in the mold, not allowing the candy to completely fill it up. If you don’t bounce it and shake it and get all the air bubbles out you will end up with chocolates that are not fully formed and have air pockets.

The candy melts only take about 15 minutes to harden up in the fridge then you can pop them out and start a new batch. I made red, green, blue, and yellow Lego bricks and Lego men over a period of several days. I set these out on the food table and also used them on top of the cupcakes on party day.

You can buy Wilton Candy Melts here.
You can buy this Lego brick mold here.

Personalized Lego Happy Birthday Banner

I was so excited to find a cute, personalized Lego birthday banner on Pinterest for free! I used this free download to print the “Happy Birthday” and the Lego men. And I used this download to pick and choose the letters needed for Isaiah’s name.

You can print this banner here and here.

Over-sized Lego Door

Super easy and cute decoration alert!! All you need is a plastic rectangular tablecloth and some small paper plates and you can turn any door into an over-sized Lego. You could actually probably do it on a large bookcase or hutch as well. Or even just on the wall itself if you wanted!

Party Favor Bag Tags

I used these cute party favor bag tags to attach to snack size ziploc bags filled with candy Legos to give to the kids as party favors. I forgot to get a picture of the completed bags, though! =(

You can print your own party favor bag tags here.

I filled the bags with these Lego candy bricks (they sell smaller bags too). Not only were they yummy but they actually stack so you can play with them too! They were a big hit!


You can buy these yummy but also stack-able Lego candies here.

Lego Jello Jigglers

If the thought comes into your mind to make Lego shaped jello, please just try to push it out of your mind as soon as possible. Just kidding… but seriously I’m kind of not. Lego Jello jigglers are very cute and yummy but alot of work (especially if you are using used Legos and need to wash them all very well both before and after) and a little frustrating to get out of the molds. But, here is how I did it.

Start by CLEANING all the Legos you are planning to use (or buy new). I used the kids’ MegaBlocks. Then make the Jello. Make sure you follow the recipe for JELLO JIGGLERS – NOT the regular jello recipe. I made the mistake of making my first batch the regular way and it was totally not firm enough to mold into the shape of a Lego. I used red, green, yellow, and blue jello but didn’t end up with very many usable red ones since that is the color in which I didn’t follow the jigglers recipe.

After a few hours in the fridge I used a knife to loosen the edges and then shook them out of the Legos. Don’t worry about being gentle. You’ll need to use some serious force to get them out! But they come out looking just fine!



Lego Themed Party Food
I made Lego cheese and crackers, Lego ham and pb&j sandwiches, and also had red, green, yellow, and blue fruit. Get creative. There are so many things you can make to resemble Legos or Lego themed colors!! The possibilities are endless!



Lego Face Plates

Instead of buying fancy Lego plates I opted to buy cheap square yellow plates ($1 for a pack of 16 at the dollar store!). My plan was to draw Lego men faces on them to make Lego heads out of all of them but it turned out to be difficult to find a stencil to use to draw the faces. Since I have very little artistic ability I just ended up free handing some faces on the dessert plates and leaving the rest plain yellow. If you have more artistic ability than me you could do all sorts of different faces and expressions! I just used a non-toxic permanent marker to make the faces.

Lego Cupcakes

Every year I buy a fancy cake or fancy cupcakes for my kids for their birthday. But this year I had adorable chocolate men and Lego bricks that I had made and I decided I could easily make some super cute cupcakes on my own. Make the cupcakes with some white frosting, pour on some primary colored sprinkles and top with a Lego chocolate. Tah-dah! Awesome looking cupcakes you made yourself. (And serving them on the Lego mat from our Lego table with a border of real Legos was the perfect final touch!)

Lego Men Head Confetti
Instead of buying fancy confetti I printed out some Lego men heads on white card stock, cut them out, and sprinkled them on the tables. It looked great and was super easy and cheap! I used some of these Lego circles as confetti too.
You can print your own confetti here and here.
Isaiah’s Lego birthday party was a ton of fun to do and I think this smile says it all. He enjoyed it too. =)

How to Fake a Clean House

Whether you have unexpected company coming over in 20 minutes and you haven’t cleaned in weeks or you simply cannot stand how dirty your house feels yet have little time and effort to clean, don’t worry! In about 20 minutes you can make your house look and feel cleaner than it actually is. Doing these 6 things will give your guests the appearance of a clean house and also get you motivated and encouraged to truly clean when you have the time.

Let in the Light

Think keeping things dim and dark will help hide your dirt? Think again! A dark house seems dirty and dingy. Open the curtains! Turn on the lights! A bright house will seem cheery and clean even if a little dust shows up!

Make it Smell Good

No matter how clean your house really is, if it smells clean it will feel clean! Plug-in air fresheners are wonderful because they constantly emit a good smell. Candles also work great – light some in several areas of your house before visitors come over (putting one in the bathroom is one of my favorite places!). Another trick is to spray some air freshener on the welcome mat so when visitors come in and wipe their feet they kick up a fresh smell!

Hide the Clutter

If you have just a few minutes before some unexpected guests come over, grab a laundry basket and quickly go through the house picking up random things that are not in their place. You may not have the time to put them in the correct spot but at least you can hide the basket in your closet and sort through it later! If you have more than a few minutes put stuff back in it’s proper place. Picking things up off the floor and counter tops does wonders for helping your house appear cleaner. You’d be amazed at how it clears your mind to be able to focus better on other tasks too!

Clean the John

If you only have time to clean one room, clean the bathroom. A dirty bathroom can be really disgusting both to you and to any guests that come over. Also, the bathroom is often the only room that guests will be in by themselves and have the freedom to look around without seeming nosy. It only takes a few minutes to wipe the counter tops and swipe the toilet seat but doing those two things will make a big difference!

Ditch the Dirty Dishes

A stack of dirty dishes in or by the sink can make or break the kitchen. Quickly put them in the dishwasher or if you don’t have one, put them in the dish drainer under the sink. In a pinch, you can put them in the oven too just don’t forget to take them out before preheating it (this step is REALLY important!). If you are not pressed for time the best solution is to actually wash the dishes. =)

Make the Bed

I don’t know why it is, but when you make the bed it instantly makes the room look and feel better! The bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in your room and is where the eye is drawn to first. Keep it clean and made and it will help the rest of the room look good too!

How about you? What tips do you have for making your house seem cleaner than it really is? I’d love to hear!!

7 Tips to Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist

When we first moved into our house last December we had lots and lots of furniture (as well as other things) that we needed to buy. It’s a huge task to outfit a house on a minimal budget! I wanted to do something to help offset the cost of all we had to buy so I decided to start selling some things on Craigslist.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m a purger. I LOVE to give away/throw away/sell things. I hate junk and things in my house that are not being used and I have no problem getting rid of it if it’s just taking up space!

That being said, it wasn’t hard for me to look through our stuff and find things to post on Craigslist. And, over a period of about 2 months, I actually made over $1,300 from selling stuff! I realize that’s an easy thing to do if you sell a car or a couple of pieces of antique furniture on Craigslist but I was pretty proud of myself for making that much by selling little things here and there – too small baby clothes, our old dining room table, kitchen gadgets, toys, etc.¬†

Could you use some extra money? I’m pretty sure that you have things around your house that you could sell too! My motto is that it’s always worth putting something up on Craigslist before you bring it to the Goodwill. You’d be surprised what people will buy! Right before Christmas I sold a Christmas tree stand for $3. So, I get that $3 isn’t a lot but I was just going to give that thing to the Goodwill. At the last minute I decided to post it on Craigslist and a lady came to buy it from me the very next day! It was no hassle for me, she came to my house, paid, grabbed it and went. And I was $3 richer for very little effort. =)

If you’d like to make a little extra pocket change by selling some stuff on Craigslist here are my top 7 tips:

1. One Person’s Junk is Another Person’s Treasure
The “Great Rule of Craigslist” is that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Does your item look like it could possibly have any value to anyone else? Then it’s worth it to list it! It takes 10-15 minutes of your time to list an item and could bring you an extra $10- $15 dollars. Seems like a good deal to me! Another important thing to note about selling things on Craigslist is that you will often get much more for an item on Craigslist than you will at a yard sale. At a yard sale people are looking for dirt cheap items, not necessarily specific items, just whatever they can find at a good price. When people search on Craigslist they know the item that they want and they are ready to pay the fair price for it because it’s what they really want!

2. Clean your items up!
We used to have two pack n plays and I only needed one, so I decided to sell the other. We had taken it to Uganda and it was pretty dirty (Ugandan dirt is clayish and red and hard to get out of stuff!). Originally I just posted it on Craigslist for $20, saying it was in good shape, just dirty. But then I quickly came to my senses and decided to clean it up and re-list it. It took about 30 minutes of some scrubbing and I had an almost new looking pack n play and re-listed it for $40. It sold quickly! Moral of the story – a little bit of elbow grease on your end could double the list price of your item. If you have the time, it’s worth it to spruce your items up!

3. Take Good Pictures of Your Stuff
Pictures make all the difference when trying to sell your stuff. Make sure that your pictures are high quality and taken in good lighting. Take the pictures outside or near a window- and avoid taking them at night or in poor lighting. Be conscious of what shows up in the background.  Does your house look messy and dirty? Does it look like you live in an unsafe neighborhood? People will be less inclined to buy from you if it does. Include at least 3-6 pictures in your listing and make sure you have adequately covered each side of the item as well as the different functions it has.

4. Describe Your Stuff Well and Make it Sound Good!
Go for brief yet detailed in your description. If you list a stroller for sale and just say, “Stroller for sale- in good shape” you are less likely to draw attention to the item than if you were to list a slightly longer description of what type of stroller it is, how long you’ve had it, the different seating options it has, etc. If your item gets good reviews on Amazon or another site, put the item’s link in your description so that a buyer can read the reviews on it. Play up the great things about your item and briefly describe the bad. Don’t lie, and make sure to be honest about anything that doesn’t work properly. Make sure to say (if it applies to you) that your item is from a smoke or pet free home. Or that you have a flexible schedule and can meet up whenever is good for them. Or that you are willing to take your item (such as an electronic item) back if it doesn’t work. Sound friendly and let them know they are free to ask any questions they may have!

5. Price your stuff fairly and be willing to negotiate
Before I list my items I do two things to try to find out what a fair price would be. The first thing I do is find the item on, or some other site where I think the item would most likely be sold the cheapest. After I determine what the item is currently selling for new, I search Craigslist to find out what people are selling the item used for. Then I usually take the different prices into consideration and end up with a fair price in the middle. I like my items to sell quickly so I tend to price on the low end. If you’re not in a hurry¬† you can always try to list your item higher and then lower the price if it doesn’t sell. Remember that items that have some sentimental value to you (such as all those sweet baby clothes your daughter wore) are not going to have the same sentimental value to someone else and thus they will be worth less to them. If you are willing to negotiate put something like “or best offer” or “OBO” in your description. If you’re not, then say upfront that your price is “firm.”

6. Group Small Items
Often times people don’t want to put forth the effort into meeting up to buy something small and cheap. If you’re trying to sell things like clothes, toys, DVD’s, or other small items try grouping them together in lots. For instance, a lot of 10 baby outfits for $15 is much more likely to sell than one baby outfit for $1.50.

7. Refresh and Re-list!
Craigslist has a great feature where every few days you can refresh your item and make it appear at the top of the page when people search for that type of item. To refresh, log into your account page and the option will be under the “manage” section next to the title of your item. When your item expires, re-list it! I’ve had things sell for full asking price on the second go round. You never know when the right buyer is going to be looking!

Here is a sample of one of my current listings on Craigslist (I am not going to give you the actual Craigslist link because hopefully this will be sold soon and I will be deleting the ad!):

Like New Baby Chef Ultimate Baby Food Maker – $50

Hello! I’m selling a very briefly and gently used baby food maker which is also a steamer, chopper, processor, reheater, and bottle warming center. The product is very highly rated. It is seriously in like new condition! Only used a few times, some of the parts are still brand new in the package! I have the box and the directions.

It sells for $200 on Amazon!: . I am only asking $50!

  • All-in-1 Machine: It steams, chops, blends, purees, defrosts, warms – even accommodates baby bottles
  • Side-by-side meal prep: steam and blend at the same time
  • BPA-free with “Same Time” dual function controls
  • Space-saving side drawer with tongs, spatula, and lid included
  • Measuring cup and bottom cord storage included

Comes from a smoke and pet free home. Please call, e-mail, or text Amber at (contact info). Please do not ask me if it is still available. If you see the ad, it’s available! =)

*Beware of spammers on Craigslist. There are lots and lots of people out there trying to trick you. Never accept payment in the form of a check or from someone who is not able to meet with you in person. Only accept cash and meet up with people face to face. I have people come to my home because it is more convenient for me rather than packing up the kids to meet someone somewhere, but if you don’t feel comfortable with that then ask to meet in a more public place. You’re the seller and you set the rules. Don’t feel pressured to sell to someone you don’t want to or to meet up somewhere you don’t want to. Always be on the lookout for what sounds like a scam!*

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

When we first started the process of buying our house we had decided that we weren’t going to paint the walls before we moved in. Since our house had been newly remodeled before we bought it, the walls had no nail holes and were all painted a nice neutral color. Not only is paint (and all the supplies) expensive, but it’s also time consuming to paint (and Drew had final exams two days before we moved in so we didn’t have a whole lot of extra time to spare!).
But… then we (and in we I mean “I”) started getting a little sentimental (and practical) and realized that 1.) it’s a tooooooon easier to paint bedroom walls {before} you move in, especially when you have three young children you’d have to bounce around if you wanted to paint at a later date, and 2.) this is the first time we’ve ever owned a home and had the ability to do WHATEVER we want with it! We’d never been able to choose paint colors and this was our chance!
So, with an awesome deal on paint at Lowes and some borrowed paint supplies we decided to go ahead and paint the bedrooms and play room before our move! We left the main living areas as is for now but those will be easier to paint at a later date if we decide we want to, and they are a neutral beige/grey color now which I really don’t mind at all.
We got a good deal on the paint and borrowed supplies but that still left us with the problem of time. Drew still didn’t have a whole lot of time to spare and although he and his dad did end up doing a good amount of painting, I spent many days over at the new house painting by myself (and by myself I mean alone WITH ALL THE KIDS). But, what can I say? I’m pretty determined when I get my mind set on something and I had my mind set on STRIPES in Isaiah’s room. So, stripes it was! It took three days, numerous numerous interruptions, and (I admit) a little bit of yelling, but I did indeed accomplish the task of painting stripes on a wall with three children 4 and under in a house with no internet, no cable, no beds for naps, few toys, and barely any food. Shouldn’t I get a medal for that or something!?!? =)
Anyways, without further ado, here is how to paint stripes on a wall! 
1.) Paint the wall one of the colors of your stripes (preferably the lighter color). We painted Isaiah’s whole room grey first and then added the navy blue stripes to one wall.
2.) Decide if you want horizontal or vertical stripes and measure the height or width of your wall. I wanted horizontal stripes so I measured the height of Isaiah’s wall from top to bottom. (Make sure you don’t count the baseboard!) Divide that number by the number of stripes you want. I wanted an odd number of stripes because I wanted the blue stripes to be on the top and bottom of the wall sort of “framing” the wall. I chose 7 because I wanted fairly thick stripes.
EXAMPLE: Our walls are 93.4 inches tall, divided by 7 = 13.3 inches. That meant that each of my stripes was going to be 13.3 inches.
3.) Draw the lines for your stripes! I googled lots of different ways to draw the lines for your stripes and did what I thought sounded the easiest and most practical (and I was really happy with how it turned out!). I started at the left hand side of the wall and used a large level/ruler to mark increments of 13.3. inches all the way down the wall. Then I used the level/ruler to rule horizontal lines straight across the wall from one end to the other.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†3a.) Make sure you have a pencil with you to mark the lines!!!! I marked each and every line on Isaiah’s wall with THIS tiny piece of led:
And, before you judge =) I just have to say that I DID grab a mechanical pencil before I left our apartment in preparation for drawing these lines at the new house. And I even shook it to make sure that it had extra led in it! But when I went to use it at the new house I discovered that it was broken. And in my attempts to fix it I broke all the extra pieces of led and was left with this tiny little remnant! I searched the whole house, diaper bag, and car for another pencil…. would you believe it, not even one anywhere!!!!! When I called Drew to tell him of my dilemma he suggested I just go to the store and buy one. Such a man response! But, ummm, all THREE children were napping and I was just fixin to get 1-2 hours of uninterrupted painting time! No way was I waking the kids up from that! So I made due with what I had…. and, by God’s grace, it turned out in the end (my fingers were sore though… it hurts to write with a tiny piece of led!).


Wa-la! Can’t really see them, but perfectly straight lines across the wall.

4.) Next comes taping the stripes. Remember, when you tape, that you are taping the OUTSIDE of each stripe. It will result in some stripes looking bigger and some looking smaller but don’t worry, this is how it’s supposed to be for now. Check and recheck that you have taped the outside of the stripe or you will end up with uneven stripe sizes once you paint. Mark an x on the stripes that you are going to paint to make sure you paint the right ones.


5.) Next is a very important step. {DO NOT SKIP!} It’s the secret to getting perfectly crisp lines! For each stripe that you plan to paint your accent color (which for us was blue), paint over the edges of the tape that mark that stripe with your base color (which for us was grey). This seals the edges of the tape and will minimize bleeding. Let this coat dry completely before you continue.


6.) Now you can paint your fun colored stripes! The blue color that we used needed 3 coats but depending on what color or brand you use, you may be able to get away with just one. I trimmed the edges with a brush and used a small roller for the middle sections. At this point, I sent Drew (who was at work) this picture below:


To which he responded:
Oh, I do love this man who undoubtedly has the gift of encouragement!!! But, seriously, if those stripes were my finished product…… Babe, you gotta let me know the hard, honest truth. =)

7.) Anyways, thankfully those stripes were not the end result. Step 7 leads us to the most fun (and nerve wracking) part: peeling off the tape. This is the part where you hold your, breath, say a prayer, and pull the tape! (I recommend doing this when your last coat of paint is still wet to minimize peeling some of your stripe off with the tape.) Honestly, I wasn’t sure how mine were going to turn out. I was seriously thinking that we were just going to have to paint the whole wall blue and call it a day. But to my surprise, they turned out!

There were a few spots that bled and, being the perfectionist that I am, I HAD to fix them. But it was an easy fix with just a little of the base coat paint and we were good to go!


This lighting makes Isaiah’s walls look cream and blue but they are definitely grey and blue! =)
DONE! Wahooo!!!!!
And here’s a little tour of Isaiah’s room now that we’ve moved in. There are still so many plans I have in my head for this room including redoing the dresser and adding a huge firetruck canvas on the wall….. but we’ve gotta work on furniture for the rest of the house before we work on decorating his room, I guess. =)
By the way, this bed sleeps 4 people (there’s a trundle underneath) so COME ON VISITORS!!!!






So there you have it, folks… How to paint stripes on a wall. Until next time!