Eloise received her first Botox injection last Thursday. She did awesome! We checked in to the hospital at 9 am and Drew’s dad (who works at the hospital) came around 9:30 to help me with Olive so I could focus on Eloise. I was so grateful he took time out of his day to help me as it would have been so hard to handle Olive while trying to give my full attention to Eloise. Grandpa showed her around the hospital and took her to a little play area and she had a great time. =)

Playing with Grandpa while big sister got her shot. 
Letting the Versed kick in and waiting for the injection. 

Eloise had been dreading the Botox shot for days. Although she has come a long way in her trust for doctors she still has an intense fear of needles. Thankfully, shortly after we arrived the nurses gave her some Versed which made her slightly loopy and drowsy. She was acting so funny and saying hilarious things. She kept trying to get out of the hospital bed but we were able to distract her with toys and games. Also, an amazing music therapist on staff at the hospital came in with her guitar and sang songs and played games with Eloise to distract her. Between the music lady and the Versed, Ellie didn’t even realize she had gotten the injection! The doctor was quick and, with the numbing cream she rubbed on before hand, the injection was pretty painless. Praise the Lord!

The songs and toys helped Eloise forget why she was in the the hospital. 

We were discharged from the hospital about 30 minutes later, after a quick snack of animal crackers and apple juice provided by the hospital. They had to keep Eloise for a while to check her vitals and make sure she reacted well to the Botox but then we were free to go. When we left she was still loopy and I had to carry her out to the parking garage. She couldn’t walk for a good 1-2 hours afterwards. She attempted to once when I had my back turned and she landed face down on the carpet in her bedroom. =( No injuries though! And after about 2 hours she was totally back to normal – laughing and running around. She loved the music lady so much that when we got home she asked me, “Mom, when can we do that again!?!?!” I guess that’s a good sign! =)

All done! And still out of it. =) 

Now we wait and see if the Botox does anything to help her foot. Her weekly physical therapy will continue and the hope is that the relaxed muscles in her leg will now allow for greater range during her sessions which could lead to more permanent change. If the Botox seems to help it could become a procedure that she gets done every 3-6 months. I was dreading the thought of that but now I don’t mind if that’s the case because it went much better than I could have ever expected! Thank you, Jesus!