Adopting From Uganda


The Lord laid adoption on our hearts years ago. We didn’t know where we would adopt from or when it would happen but we knew at some point we wanted to welcome a child into our home through the miracle of Adoption. When the Lord called us to Uganda in May of 2012 we knew that He was also opening up the door for us to adopt while there. The months leading up to our move to Uganda were filled with preparation to move overseas as well as complete the needed paperwork to leave the U.S. “paper ready” to bring our new baby into our home soon after arriving in Uganda.

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Adopting is not for the faint of heart! Along with the {mountains} of paperwork, we also encountered corruption, lots of waiting, delay after delay, and fee after fee. We chose to adopt independently, which means that we did not use an agency. This was a great option for us since we were living in Uganda while adopting and were able to be on the ground and help things move along.


Although it was not easy, adopting was {well} worth the tiresome journey. Eloise is truly a gift from the Lord, a blessing in our lives, and a joy to our hearts. She doesn’t feel any less our child than Isaiah does. She is truly {ours} and we love her with as deep of a love as we will ever have for any of our children. We are so grateful the Lord blessed us with such a smart, beautiful, and full of life daughter. She was worth the wait!

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Here are a few blog posts that tell a little bit about what our adoption journey looked like.

October 8, 2011- Very first home study – the first official step in the process!
January, 2012- Finally get back the last background check we need.
February 9, 2012- Home study completed! Apply for the I-600A!
March, 2012- Get fingerprinting done.
April 12, 2012- Receive the I-171H, approval of our I-600A!
May, 2012- Arrive in Uganda to serve with IJM for a year long fellowship.
September 12, 2012- Meet our baby girl for the first time at her orphanage.
October 16, 2012- Finally able to bring Eloise home!
January 13, 2013- Eloise attaching and bonding SO well!
March 21, 2013- We have a court date!!
March 28, 2013- We are officially Eloise’s legal guardians. We introduce her to the world!
April 4, 2013- Eloise at six months home.
May, 2013- We receive Eloise’s Ugandan passport and U.S. visa and we head back to the U.S.!
July 24, 2012 – We have our U.S. court hearing to officially become Eloise’s parents. We are approved but the judge will not sign the documents until we have had legal guardianship of her for six months.
October 3, 2013- Judge signs the Order of Adoption! Eloise is officially Eloise Ann Hutcheson and we are her parents! God is good!!
October 5, 2013- Eloise {is} My Own Daughter