A visit with Knox!

I know, I know… It’s been well over a YEAR since I’ve posted! To be honest, life has just gotten so busy and I haven’t made the time to blog. A part of me does miss it but another part of me is also glad to have that one extra thing removed from my “to do” list right now. =)

I’m not promising that I’m getting back into blogging but I did want to come on and update my blog with some very special pictures!! This past Sunday was a super fun day because we got to meet up with Ben, Kristen, Blake, and Knox! Most of you will remember that I was a surrogate in 2016/17 and Knox is the little boy that I carried! He turned two at the end of February and our families hadn’t seen each other since he was born. So you can imagine how good it was see them after two years – can’t believe it had been that long!

We had a lovely afternoon at the pool together and our kids enjoyed playing while we caught up. Knox is the sweetest little boy and I loved seeing him running around at the pool so happy and full of life! He is a smart, energetic, and loving little boy and I even got a high five and a kiss out of him! =) He has the cutest little smile and is a good little brother to his big brother, Blake.

I absolutely loved being a surrogate and loved being able to help this sweet family (who have become friends!) expand their family. Some people have asked me if it is hard to see pictures of Knox and to visit with him and the answer to that is a resounding NO! The reason is, is because Knox is not and never was my baby. He was always Ben and Kristen’s baby – I just kept him safe for 9 months until he was big and strong enough to join their family on the outside!! So of course he will always have a special place in my heart but I love him just as I love my close friend’s and family’s children and it is not hard at all for me to see him! In fact I love seeing all the pictures I get to see of him and I loved seeing him in person last weekend. It was really a wonderful time!

I loved catching up with the Berry family two years later and seeing how happy they are! It reminded me of what a rewarding journey being a surrogate was – and how grateful I am that God provided both of us with a great match and a growing friendship! We have vowed to get together more often and not let two years go by again! In the meantime I look forward to what seeing God is going to do through that special little boy Knox and the whole Berry family! ❤

Look at that cute little smirk!
Enjoying pizza from Mellow Mushroom.
Not too sure about this strange lady holding him but he did love the “hot water, hot water” in the hot tub. =)
Just chillin out.
I don’t know what we were thinking but we saved the group picture until the end when we were all wet, hot and tuckered out. Next time we vowed to take it first thing! Lol.


Don’t miss Ben and Blake in the background! =)
Love those tongues sticking out from the two littlest!
Until next time! ❤

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