Walmart Grocery – My New Found Love

Last week I tried the new grocery service offered by Walmart called Walmart Grocery. Oh my goodness, I think it is a match made in heaven!  (P.S. that link right there contains a coupon for $10 off your first order if you want to try it too!)

Here is how Walmart Grocery works:

  • Go here, sign up for an account and add items to your cart. With Walmart Grocery you don’t only have to buy groceries! School supplies, beauty products and more are options too!
  • Check out and choose a designated pick-up time (there will be time slots such as 2-3 pm). They offer delivery (for a fee) in some areas but not in my area yet.
  • On the day/time you’ve chosen head to your Walmart and park in the designated spots for grocery pickup (located on the right hand side of most stores).unnamed
  • When you arrive call them (you’ll be given the number of your store’s grocery pickup line at checkout) and they’ll be out with your groceries in just a few minutes! There is no fee for the service and no tipping allowed. There is also no monthly or annual subscription fees and they do not charge any markups on their items! Just like that you’ve done your grocery shopping and can head back home!


This employee came out with my groceries in this cart just minutes after I arrived and loaded them into my car for me before heading back in! I would call that good customer service!

Three things I love about Walmart Grocery:

  1. If you have young children you know how stressful it is to grocery shop with them in tow! My kids are often either complaining, running around the store, or whining for me to buy them a certain something whenever I go shopping. With Walmart Grocery I can order online the night before and then, while I’m out running errands the next day just stop by Walmart to pickup my groceries on the way home. Doesn’t matter if I have the kids with me or not because they’ll all stay in the car anyways. Avoid dragging them into the store with me and still get my grocery shopping done? Yes please!
  2.  Ummmm, hello? Shopping online in the peace and quiet of my own home while my kids are sleeping and I’m in my pjs. Sounds heavenly to me! Shopping online without kids hanging all over me allows me to actually focus on the items I’m trying to buy and figure out what is the best deal for the amount and what I actually need. When the kids are with me I usually just throw in the cart whatever I see first to try and make the trip as short as possible. For instance, when I put together my order last week I ordered basil leaves. When I searched for basil leaves all the different brands came up on the page allowing me to quickly see what was the cheapest/best deal and add it to my cart. It took like a minute. Have you ever been able to find the cheapest spices at Walmart that quickly?!? Usually I’m standing for several minutes in the spice aisle before I even find the spice I’m looking for, let alone figure out which one is the best deal!
  3. Ordering online allowed me to buy ONLY what I needed and keep an eye on my final bill. If you’re trying to stick to a budget it’s hard to add up your groceries as you go when shopping in store (especially with kids!). With this service, I knew what my final bill was going to be before I even checked out, allowing me to put back or add items as needed. Also, by shopping online I avoided adding enticing looking items to my cart on the whim as I am prone to do. 😉

Oh, and because it was my first time using the service they even gave me a goodie bag as a thank you! How cool is that!?

I had a great experience with the service and will definitely be using it again and again. I’m hooked! I actually do a lot of my shopping at Aldi because they have great prices on fruits and veggies but I can’t get everything I need there so I also have to make a weekly trip to Walmart – and this is definitely how I’ll be doing it from now on!

If you’d like to try it out for yourself and see if you love it as much as I do here’s a code that will give you $10 off your first order: $10 off!  Try it out and come back and let me know what you think!!

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