I’m Going To Be A Surrogate

I’ve never wanted to live an ordinary life. I was born in Michigan but lived most of my life in Africa where I was a missionary kid. I met and married my husband in less than a year. It was quick but it was the second best decision of my life (the first, of course, being the decision to give my life to Jesus!). My husband and I packed up everything to live in Uganda to serve with International Justice Mission for a year after we got married. I induced lactation to breast feed my adopted baby. I have lived on 2 different continents, in 6 different countries, 3 different States and in more than 20 houses since I was born. And I honest to goodness really love brussel sprouts.

And so it shouldn’t surprise most people that I am embarking on another “out of the ordinary” adventure. This adventure started as something that God placed on my heart over 5 years ago. Shortly after my first child was born God placed in me the desire to become a SURROGATE.

A surrogate or gestational carrier is: “a woman who becomes pregnant usually by artificial insemination or surgical implantation of a fertilized egg for the purpose of carrying the fetus to term for another woman” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

When God first placed the desire on my heart I knew it wasn’t the right time. I was having my own babies and we were moving here, there, and everywhere, adopting and living overseas. But the desire kept growing. Now and then I would think about it and do a little research. And then I’d set it aside. I wouldn’t think about it for some time and then God would bring it up again in some form and I’d think again, “is this the time?”. But nope, it never was and so I just kept praying and thinking about it.

And then we moved to Florida and God placed in my life a women in the process of becoming a surrogate. I was able to watch her process from start to finish, ask her questions, and see how things went for her. It eased alot of my fears and made me more interested than ever in becoming a surrogate. I prayed and asked God to give me peace if now was the time to move ahead. And He did! Last fall I applied with an agency to become a surrogate.

Once I applied I had to complete a mountain of paperwork, be interviewed, have a psychological evaluation, and have my OB records reviewed. Once I passed all the “tests” I was put on a roster of available surrogates and waited for a set of Intended Parents to show interest in talking with me.

To make a long story short, in January I was matched with a sweet Christian family and over the last several months we have been completing the steps necessary for me to become their gestational carrier! I am so excited about the journey ahead!

I hope you’ll all follow along with me as I share with you my journey as a surrogate! ❤

Two and Four?! How Can It Be?

We officially have a 2 year old and a 4 year old in our house! A what and a what? It doesn’t seem possible that Eloise and Olive are already that old! How can it be?

Their birthdays are just 12 days apart so this year we had a combined party for them on the weekend right in between their birthdays. We celebrated them individually on their actual birthdays and that’s the day they got their presents from us but we decided to do their party together this year. They didn’t mind and it made it alot easier on everyone. =)

The most favorite gift of all was a family gift that we bought for Eloise because she has been begging us for weeks on end…. We booked a local hotel for the weekend and had a little “staycation”! The kids love staying in hotels and Drew and I decided we could use a break too so we disconnected from reality for a bit and spent the weekend by the pool and in the room watching TV. It was so nice to have no agenda and nothing planned to do. The kids are already asking us when we are going to do it again. It might have to become a regular tradition in our house!

Eloise (4 years old):

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Toy: Her new Boov (“Oh”)

Favorite Outfit: Her “I’ve Got Nothing to Wear” shirt and a jean skirt

What She is Best At: Hula Hooping!

Favorite Place to Go: McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese

Olive (2 years old):

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Toy: Her baby doll

Favorite Outfit: Her Elsa and Anna shirt with a tutu

What She is Best At: Fully abusing the power she has as the baby of the family to charm her way out of every situation and make everything think she is cute!

Favorite Place to Go: Anywhere….as long as it is with mommy

Happy Birthday Sweet Eloise and Sweet Livy. We LOVE you!!

Olive’s Birthday!

FullSizeRender (3)
Flowers and a chocolate milkshake caused this girl to pretty much have the best birthday ever!

The girls’ birthday party. They made out like bandits.



The girls got matching dresses and new clothes for their baby dolls as gifts. =)

Eloise’s Birthday! She had ballet that day so she was in her leotard. =)

FullSizeRender (4)
She wanted “Oh” from the movie “Home”. She has literally taken him everywhere since this day. It’s safe to say she loves him. =)

Oh my heart. I am so in love with this Super Awesome Birthday Girl! ❤

We had so much fun at the hotel. It was a little cold but the kids still had a blast swimming in the pool.

Love these three so much. ❤

Superman ice cream!

Movies in bed!

Snacks in bed! Breaking all the rules… but who cares? It’s vacation!

And this, folks, is how a good vacation always ends. With exhausted kids fast asleep, dreaming about the memories we made as a family this weekend. ❤