Isaiah’s First Day of Pre-Kindergarten

Today something bitter-sweet happened….. My baby boy started pre-kindergarten!!! I am both excited and miserable at the same time. =) Thankfully, Isaiah was very excited (and just a little bit nervous) this morning. He has a very out-going personality and I have no doubt he will do fine in school (sitting still is going to be his biggest hurdle!!!!).

Isaiah is attending Argyle Christian Preschool and Kindergarten this year. We are so glad to have him in a christian school and love love love the school so far! Because of the way Isaiah’s birthday falls (he will be 5 September 25th) he was not allowed to start pre-K last year (in Jacksonville you must be 4 by September 1st and last September 1st he was not yet 4). So, although I am sad to see my baby growing up and starting school, I am thankful that I sort of had an “extra” year at home with him! I wouldn’t trade that for anything. And, based on the class calendar I saw on the wall in his classroom, it looks like there are two other kids with birthdays even earlier in September than him so he won’t even be the oldest in his class!

As a funny after-thought this morning as we were taking first day of school pictures with Isaiah, we realized that today is also Drew’s first day of his next grad-school class. He takes his classes in 8 week rotations and today happens to mark the first day of his next class. So, we decided to print him off a sign too and they had fun taking pictures together. =)

Happy First Day of School to both my boys! ❤



Our neighbor was leaving for work and saw us taking pictures of Isaiah by the front door and stopped her car right in the middle of the road to get out and offer to snap a family picture of us. It was so sweet! (We didn’t have time to grab Livy who was still inside finishing up breakfast.)
Looks like he’s excited about his first day!



Eloise cried on the way home after we dropped Isaiah off. She misses him so much already!
Drew’s sign says, “It’s my first day of my next grad-school class! 2015”
Isaiah’s sign says, “It’s my first day of pre-kindergarten. 2015”


Me and my boy. I LOVE having a son. ❤


The Three Amigos!


In front of his classroom door.
In front of his cubby.
Ready for class to start!

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