A Boy And His Old Boo

Before Isaiah was born I bought him a soft and cozy blue blanket. And then, a few weeks later, I went back and bought him another of the same exact blanket, because I knew that if he ever became attached to it I’d want a back up.
And boy did he become attached to it. And boy was I thankful for that back-up!
Between 15 and 18 months old Isaiah really started to show an interest in his blanket. He started not being able to sleep without it, carrying it everywhere he went, and looping it on his finger while he sucked his thumb.
When he started being able to talk the word blanket came out as “boo”. The name stuck. When he was two years old we accidentally left one of his Boos at a grocery store in Uganda. Uganda is not really known for their stellar “lost and found” and that blanket was never to be seen again. Good thing we had a back-up! The back-up wasn’t quite as worn in but it satisfied him and he grew attached to it. When we got back to the U.S. we quickly got another identical blanket just in case anything should happen again. The new blanket got dubbed “New Boo” and the old blanket became “Old Boo.” New Boo mainly just sits in Isaiah’s bed most of the day while Old Boo gets all the love and attention!
{Just as a side note, so you don’t get wierded out, Old Boo is not an “it”. He is a “he”! Don’t really know how that happened but we always call him by “he” or “him”. He’s kinda like a person in our family.}
Old Boo and Isaiah are the best of friends. Old Boo is full of rips and tears, stained with dirt, and has a big hole right in the middle (Isaiah tried to iron him and then cried and cried because he “hurt” him!). To Isaiah, Old Boo signals hundreds of wonderful memories they have made together. His smell reminds him of the many adventures they have been on. His softness calms and relaxes Isaiah, bringing him comfort.
Old Boo goes with us EVERYWHERE! He rarely gets a bath because Isaiah can’t stand to part with him. He has been to Uganda, SeaWorld, and the dentist. Sometimes he eats food, sometimes he takes a nap in the car while he waits for Isaiah to get back, and sometimes he needs his own toys when playing.
I don’t know how long Isaiah will carry around Old Boo. We’ve been talking a lot about preschool starting in the Fall and how Old Boo is going to stay in his backpack all day. We’ll see how that goes! For now we’re letting Isaiah enjoy being a kid, and enjoy being a kid with one of his very best friends – Old Boo.
Isaiah and Old Boo go way back…. back to when Isaiah was just a few days old!
And a few months old.
Old Boo has been to Mackinac Island.
He has gotten his picture taken with Gigi.
He has snuggled with Daddy.
He has been bowling.
He has been to St. Augustine.
He has been to the airport.
And on an airplane.
He has been to London.
And to Uganda.
Where he got very very dirty almost every single day. Can you tell which Boo is the one Isaiah was using and which one was the spare?!?
On numerous occasions he has been a comfy pillow.
He has eaten chicken on a stick.
And read hundreds of books with Isaiah.
He was there when sweet Eloise Ann join our family. 
Isaiah even allowed her a little snuggle time with him!
He has been in many many many family pictures.
Old Boo has been through numerous car washes.
He has even helped us cut down a Christmas tree.
He has watched many movies with Isaiah.
Old Boo helped us celebrate the arrival of Baby Olive.
And was with us when we moved to Florida!
Even Olive is a fan of Old Boo!
He has been shopping with us many times – along with a purse and Jenny Dog.

He has helped Isaiah fall asleep in lots of random places.
Especially the car.
And he makes it into many pictures with friends.
Old Boo has been through many trials and tribulations and has remained strong. After almost 5 years in our family, it’s safe to say that Old Boo is VERY VERY well loved!!!
Here’s to many more years with Old Boo!!!

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