House Tour – Our Home When We Lived In Uganda!

In honor of {Throw Back Thursday}, every Thursday I will be posting a post from our blog The Hutcheson Headline that we used while living in Uganda from 2012-2013. The post below was originally published by me on July 18, 2012 just after we had moved to Uganda and into our new apartment! You can view it here if you’d like to see the original version.

And, if you’d like to compare our house in Uganda to our house now you can see the house tour of our current house in Florida here.   =)

We are finally moved into our new house and boy does it feel good! After 2 months of living out of a suitcase, it feels incredibly wonderful to unpack and put things in their proper place! I don’t think we realized how ready we were to settle until we were actually able to!

The Lord really blessed us in giving us the place that He did! It’s a beautiful 4 bedroom home with lots of space for Isaiah. We are the first occupants so everything feels new and clean. It is in a great location- 5 minutes from the grocery store (with traffic), less than 10 minutes to Drew’s work, and close by to many other amenities and places we go often. Another bonus is that it is up and away from the main road a bit so we don’t get much “African dirt” in through the windows (a problem that many houses here have).

We still have a long way to go as far as “setting up” goes. We only have the bare bones in the furniture department and haven’t even begun to think about decorating yet! =) But, little by little we know we’ll be able to buy the things we need and begin to make this place feel like “home.” For now, we’re just thankful to have some place to call our own!

Here are some photos so you can get a visual picture of where we are living. 

Our bedroom.
Different angle of our bedroom.
Our bed (We had our bed frame made so that we could get an “American” size queen bed instead of a “Ugandan” size! Hoping to get it next week).
Master bathroom off of our room.
Guest bathroom
Guest bathroom.
Bedroom for our new baby!
New baby’s bedroom.
Isaiah’s room. We’re waiting for his bunk bed/trundle bed to be finished being made and then all these mattresses will be up off the floor (and ready for guests to come sleep in)!)
Isaiah’s room.
Zai’s room.
Front porch (and Isaiah playing with our house girl, Suzy). He loves Suzy!!!
Living room.
Living room.
Dining room/ living room.

Our washing machine!!! Yay!!
Another bathroom.
Our fourth bedroom which is now being used as a spot to put our deep freezer and a laundry room.
Back porch.

Well that’s it for now, folks! I’ll post more pictures once we get more furniture and things decorated a bit. =)

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