Eloise is Three!

Today is Eloise’s THIRD birthday!! In some ways it’s hard to believe she’s just turning three!!! Most people that don’t know her assumed she was turning 4 when she would tell them it was almost her birthday. She’s average height for her age so it’s not her tallness that makes people think that. She has a pretty solid build though which helps. =) But I think it’s mainly her mature mannerisms and the way she talks. Needless to say in other ways it’s pretty east to believe she’s just 3 years old as she has a typical three year old attitude. (If you have a 2 1/2 -3 year old you know what I mean.) Good thing she’s so cute!! =)

Eloise is such a smart little girl. She knows her ABC’s and can count to 10 (after 10 things go a little haywire!). She loves to sing and can keep a tune amazingly well! She is our little dancer and any time she hears music you can bet she’s going to bust a move! She is also a budding gymnast and loves to do flips, twists, tumbles, and twirls. She can do a handstand against the wall in a second flat!


We still have a long road ahead of us as we handle the Dystonia in her right foot. She doesn’t let it slow her down though and leads a very normal life!

Ellie Bean is our little sweetheart but she has a stubborn, strong will when she wants her way! =) She likes to play with baby dolls and swing on the playset outside. Probably her favorite thing in the whole world right now is Play-Doh. She could literally play with it for hours. She makes balls and dresses for her dolls and just squishes it around all over the table. For her birthday she got two Play-Doh sets, a My Little Pony one and a princess castle one. She’s been having a blast with both!

This girl loves her Play-Do!

Eloise is super sensitive and will start crying if you even raise your voice at her, let alone inflict a punishment upon her (seriously, it’s pretty much the end of the world if you do). She has a compassionate heart and always wants to make sure those around her are ok. She is obsessed with her baby sister and gives her multiple kisses and hugs a day. She fights like a typical sibling with Isaiah but looks up to him and copies {everything} he does. Her favorite color is purple (with pink as a close second). Her favorite food is cheese (which she can’t have because it gives her a rash- poor girl). And her favorite tv show is Bo On The Go.

Last Saturday we had a little party for the birthday girl at Chuck E. Cheese. She has been begging to go to Chuck E Cheese pretty much since her last birthday so it was a dream come true to finally go again (And I seriously hope we don’t have to go again until her next birthday. That place is a mad house!).

Happy Birthday Sweet Eloise Ann!!!!
The birthday girl!
Our best attempt at fitting all five of us in the Chuck E. Cheese camera. We tried…
They loved riding rides together!!
Love my girl!
Opening presents!!
Happy Third Birthday Eloise Ann!!!

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