Miss Olive: ONE Year!

Our little Livy Kay turned one year old on April 2nd. Wow!! That year went fast!!

Olive is a bundle of joy and delight in our home. She is mostly always happy, has a sweet and cuddly personality, and thinks everyone should bow down to her every need (trying to nix that ASAP!) =).

On Saturday, April 4th we had a birthday party for her and had a great time with the friends and family that came out to celebrate her life with us! We did a cupcake theme for her and ordered a bunch of fun and delicious mini cupcakes from this amazing bakery: Sweet by Holly. Everything turned out so cute!

At the party Livy was not feeling the best and was getting over a week of having a cold. She didn’t have much interest in smashing her cake and didn’t want to get around and socialize and be her sweet self much. But it was still fun!

The best part about her birthday week was that my totally amazing and thoughtful husband {completely} surprised me and arranged to have my mom fly down from Indiana and my little sister fly down from Michigan last Monday! I wasn’t even suspecting a thing and had even gone to bed on Monday night when Drew showed up with them in our living room that evening. It was a totally amazing surprise and I am so glad they could be here for Olive’s birthday and her birthday party. It was so special!

These kids LOVE their Meema!!!!!

Height & Weight: Olive weighs 21 pounds 10 oz (75th percentile) and is 31 inches long (95th percentile). 

Eating: She has had a cold this past week and has hardly been eating anything or even nursing but on a normal day she eats pretty much anything and everything. Her favorites are chicken nuggets, bananas, and veggies in teriyaki sauce. She still nurses several times a day and I plan to keep up nursing for as long as she is interested and I want to keep with it. Right now I am no where near wanting to end our sweet nursing relationship (and neither is she!)!!


Sleep: Two naps a day, morning and afternoon. Bed between 7 and 8, up around 11/12 to nurse then sleeps straight through to 7:30/8 am.


Eloise was a better driver than her big brother! And couldn’t go more than a few minutes without giving her little sister a kiss on the cheek!
She’s a Mama’s girl but she loves her Daddy too! =) 



Personality: A ball of energy and sweet cuteness, Olive doesn’t want to be left out of anything. She pretty much thinks she’s the life of the party. She has very strong opinions about what she does and doesn’t want and has a loud voice that she makes those opinions known with!!! She loves to give hugs and kisses, play chase with big sister Eloise, and cuddle on mommy. She has a cheesy smile that she flashes several times throughout the day and she brightens up every room.


Did I mention that she has curls!?! Seriously, I am so excited that she has some curls in her hair. I know it’s not alot but I had a dream before she was born that I would have a blue eyed, blonde curly haired little girl so I am excited to see these sweet curls and hope they stick around for a while. =) 



Milestones: Just a few days after turning 11 months old Livy girl took off running! Well… walking, but it sure turned into running quickly! It is so so fun to see her toddling around and doing her best to keep up with big bro and sis.

She loves to sign “please” and wave “hi” and now says “hi” while she waves. She knows what hot means and when I give her her food she touches it with her hand, then quickly draws it back and says, “ha”. When she got her smash cake at her party she ate a bit and then started signing “all done” and that was it – she was done with cake and wanted outa that chair! =)


 Sisters and friends!
The spare carseats are their favorite place to play in the garage these days!


Isaiah and Eloise: Well I’m happy to report that one year later, the novelty of having a little sister hasn’t worn off for Isaiah and Eloise, especially for Eloise. Seriously, Eloise still kisses her like 20 times a day. She plays “try to get me” with her and is so cute when she s.l.o.w.l.y runs around the room letting Olive catch up to her and get her. Isaiah pushes her around in his car that he made out of a cardboard box. Every morning I know where I will find Eloise- she will be in Baby Olive’s crib playing with her. Isaiah is so proud of all her new accomplishments and thinks it is so cool that now she can walk and talk. They are always on the lookout for her well being and honestly just love her! I am so so grateful for their sweet relationships!

And now for some pictures from the party! Can’t believe my baby is one!! I think I might cry!


The party spread!

My sister (Katelyn), my Mom, and me!!
Olive clearly didn’t like Eloise opening up her present for her!
She loves baby dolls! ❤
Good thing we had the boys to help us open presents. =)
We didn’t get too many smiles out of her that day as she didn’t feel too good. =(

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