Miss Olive: 11 Months

Height & Weight: Olive is 20.6 pounds and not sure of her height but around the 90th-95th percentile for height!

Eating: Funny thing….Olive loves the plain baby oatmeal and whole grain cereal mixed with water but she hardly wants anything to do with the yummy baby fruits and other jars of baby food! My other two kids were the complete opposite. =) Livy nurses 5-6 times a day and eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us as well as a few snacks. She loves most anything and everything that’s “big people” food and has a good, hearty appetite. =)

Some days (who am I kidding, LOTS of days) go like this. You gotta laugh otherwise you’d cry! 
Dancing sisters! Well mostly just Eloise is dancing and Olive is just trying to stay upright! =)

Sleep: She was doing great with sleeping 11-12 hours straight through the night. Then she got sick and we took a mini vacation to Orlando and her sleep got a little disrupted. It’s hit or miss now, often she’ll sleep straight through but sometimes she will wake up once around 11 pm to nurse and then sleep through to 7 or 8 am. She never wakes more than once a night and it’s usually before I even go to bed, so I’m grateful! She takes two naps a day – morning and afternoon. She’s flexible and adaptable and can nap anywhere when we’re out and about. But when we’re home she goes down awake with two fans to block out the noise of her siblings and soothes herself to sleep. She’s a belly sleeper!

This is from when Olive was sick earlier in the month. She stayed in her pjs and bathrobe all day. Yes, she has the cutest little baby sized bathrobe! ❤ 

Personality: Livy is seriously a ball of fun! What a goofy girl she is already. It’s so fun to see more and more of her personality peeking through. She knows when she does something funny and she expects you to laugh! She is also so loving. She is currently obsessed with giving huge, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses to everyone. She gives them on her own without being asked. It like seriously melts my heart. She also loves cuddles and will give those without being asked too. She’s probably the sweetest baby ever (and I’m not biased or anything). Every time I pick her up from nursery at church or Bible study the teachers always tell me she was “perfect” and “the most content baby ever” but at home she’s become a little less content, mostly because she wants to be doing {everything} she sees big bro and big sis do and yet she’s too little to do most of it and needs help. =) She’s constantly calling out “Ma!” or “Mama!” because she wants me to help her reach or do something!

Kisses for Daddy!!

Milestones: Livy can walk when she wants to, but she still chooses crawling as her primary mode of transportation. I think it’s because she likes to get everywhere FAST and right now the fastest way for her to do that is to crawl. =)

This month Olive became really fluent in signing “please” and in shaking her head “no.” She says Mama, Dada, and waves hi and bye-bye. She knows everyone in the family by name now and will look at each person when we say, “Where is…….?” She converses by grunting and saying funny things like “eh?” “ya?” and other silly words. It’s so cute! She also went to SeaWorld and IKEA for the first time and had a blast!! She was a real trooper in the car and during two long, hot days in the park.

Looking at the fish at SeaWorld.
Watching big brother feed a sea lion. 

Isaiah and Eloise: I keep reminding Zai and Elle that they have to be good examples because Livy seriously does EVERYTHING that they do. Her big eyes take everything in and she tries as much as she can to imitate them. She also wants to be wherever they are. She will stand at the back door, crying and moaning, while she watches them play outside. She desperately wants to join them!

Sweet brother and sister!
Sweet sisters!

After almost a year the novelty of having a little sister still hasn’t worn off for Isaiah and Eloise. They are still so kind and patient and sweet with her. They give her tons of hugs and kisses and I can’t tell you how many times a day they tell me how cute she is! They are always wondering where she is and making sure she is ok. I’m so grateful for the love they show to her and hope it continues, atleast to some extent, as she gets older!


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