A Smiling Sea Lion and Two Jenny Dogs – Our Trip to Orlando!

Last weekend we took a mini vacation to Orlando and went to IKEA and SeaWorld. The kids had a blast (mostly at SeaWorld, not at IKEA because Eloise was too short to go in the kid’s play area so we didn’t let Isaiah go either). We are glad that we decided to go with the season tickets (again, to SeaWorld, not IKEA =) so that we can go back again for more fun!

Most of our pictures are from our second day in the park as we spent half of the first day at IKEA and also it rained most of the first day.

Can’t go to Orlando without a trip to IKEA!
If you know Isaiah you know how much he LOVES his Jenny Dog. Jenny Dog goes with him anywhere and everywhere (along with his blanket “boo”). Well, at IKEA we found another Jenny Dog and Isaiah wouldn’t leave the store without it! So, now we have “old” Jenny Dog and “new” Jenny Dog and they BOTH have to go everywhere with him!
Sweet girls. 
Isaiah loved this coaster and rode it several times. We tried our hardest to squeeze Eloise past the height checker and get her on, but they caught us! Her hair brushed the top of the measuring pole but they were sticklers and wouldn’t let her on. She balled!! =( 
We had a plastic bag over Eloise’s cast to keep the rain out. Surprisingly it stayed pretty dry, even though she jumped in a few puddles! 

Sweet girl napping in the park. 
We saw three amazing shows! This is Shamu, the killer whale. 
My two little loves!

Brave boy!

And, I’ll leave you with something that is bound to make you smile. This sea lion was cracking everyone up trying to get people to feed her by smiling this cheesy smile!!! Then after she got fed she would do more cheesy smiles! It was hilarious. I got this photo after Isaiah threw her a fish. We couldn’t stop laughing about it. Can’t wait to back to SeaWorld and see her again! =)
Don’t tell me you can look at that and not smile. =) =)

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