Miss Olive: 10 Months

TEN MONTHS!?!? No way!! I’m not going to write it!! No way can my baby be 10 months already! 

I’m trying to savor all of Olive’s baby sweetness as this baby becomes more and more of a toddler every day! Olive is such a joy and delight and we feel so honored that God chose us to be her family.

Here’s Olive enjoying one of Isaiah’s old toys from when he was a baby. Isaiah never took as much interest in it as she does. Livy loves it!

Height & Weight: Olive is 20.2 pounds and TALL!

Eating: Loving Mama’s milk and nursing several times a day. Eating all table food. We try to sneak in some babyfood every now and then since we have a cupboard full but she pretty much always refuses it in lieu of something that tastes better. Smarty pants!

Did I mention that she likes food?
This girl loves her blankie! 
Love me a baby in just a diaper. ❤
Sleep: Finally, we have some structure going on around here and Olive is sleeping an average of 11-12 hours straight through the night!! Occasionally she will wake up around 5 and want to nurse but often times sleeps straight through to 7 am. Halleluiah!  
Olive has pretty much slept in a pack n play since she was born because of all the moving around that we did! We finally got her crib set up this month and this is her on the baby monitor taking her first nap in it. It took her a while to fall asleep but now she sleeps great in her big girl room!

Personality: Livy is a busy girl! Always getting into something these days. She loves to laugh and play peek-a-boo type games with people. She is a snuggler and loves to lay her face on your chest. She continues to be a sweet sweet baby and we’re all smitten. =) All of us, even Zai and Ellie, love having a little baby in the house!

Always. In. To. Everything.
Miss Troublemaker!

Milestones: So…. We thought for sure Olive would be walking by 9 months. Guys, she is so so so so close. She gets up to a standing position from the floor without holding on to anything! She can walk a step or two. But then she doubts herself and gracefully drops down and goes back to crawling. She’ll walk from one piece of furniture to the next if she knows she can make it but she just doesn’t have confidence to full out walk yet!

She has been learning lots of sign language this month- all done, more, please. Also she learned to raise her hands when we say, “How big are you? SO big!” She knows my name now and crawls around the house shouting “MAMA! MOM! MAMA!” when she can’t find me.

She waves “hi” and “bye-bye” and can say, “uh-oh.” She has 8 teeth, wears size 3 diaper, and size 9-12 or 12 month clothes.

Family walk to the park!

Isaiah and Eloise: I can’t tell you the number of times that Isaiah says to me, “Awww Mom, Baby Olive is so cute.” =) And the number of times Eloise grabs and hugs and kisses her. They both love her so much (except when she’s getting into something they’re doing or building or eating….). But for the most part they all get along well and I’m grateful!

Olive has started copying the things Eloise and Isaiah say and do. You can see the wheels in her little head spinning as she takes in all that they do and then tries to do it herself. Thankfully she has some good roll models to look up to as she grows up!

This picture cracks me up. Olive thinks it’s all about her! Eloise is like, “not another picture…” and Isaiah is thinking, “Mom, I’m smiling, let’s get this over with.”
This girl’s a climber!!
The kids love their playset from Grandpa!!

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