How to Make a Personalized Video for Your Kids from Santa!

Last year I came across a really fun website called which allows you to make a personalized video for your child from Santa (actually you can make them for adults too)! =) This year I pulled up the website again and made a video each for Isaiah and Eloise. You should have seen their faces while they watched them! Totally enthralled and amazed!

The videos are entertaining and very well done. You can choose personal things to be included such as a picture of your child, the child’s name, age, a specific toy the child wants for Christmas, whether they made it on the naughty or nice list this year, and certain things the child needs to work on for next year (for Isaiah I chose “stop sucking his thumb” and for Eloise “stop throwing temper tantrums.” I can always hope, right!?!!). =)


The videos are quick and easy to make and completely FREE!!!! If you want, you can choose to pay for an upgraded, more detailed video or a phone call from Santa. But the basic video is free.

You have to pay to download your video to the computer ($2.99) and I didn’t want to do that to include it in this post. But you can watch it online as many times as you want! If you’re interested in seeing a sample before you make your own you can view Isaiah’s video here and Eloise’s video here.

It’s just a fun little thing to do for your kids and I wanted to pass it along! =)


By the way, you can read more about our view on Santa and what we teach our kids about himĀ here.

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