Miss Olive: 8 Months

Livy is 8 months old today! Things have been so crazy around here with our new house that I almost forgot! Some friends of ours reminded us last night. Whew! 

This past month, Olive learned how to walk while pushing her walker (can’t walk on her own yet), celebrated her first Thanksgiving, learned to give open-mouth, slobbery kisses, and tried her first olive (she loved it, of course!!!)!

Super baby!! Walking with her walker!

Height & Weight: Don’t know her height but she’s TALL! She weighs 18.6 pounds on our home scale. She’s somewhere around the 95th percentile for height and 75th for weight.

Could anything smell sweeter than a freshly bathed baby?!?

Eating: Olive is quite an adventurous eater these days! This past month she has eaten pizza, pumpkin pie, potato salad, and chicken. She still likes her baby food but is starting to get savvy as to how good “real” food tastes! =) She does well with finger food and feeds herself most of the time. She still nurses regularly and loves her milk from mommy!!

These pictures are from the family pictures we got done last month. ❤
Sleep: Doing pretty good these days!! Olive usually goes down at 8 pm and wakes for a feeding (or I wake her) around 11 pm, right before I go to bed. Then she’s up to eat again at 6 pm. She could probably wake up for the day at 6 am, but {I} do not want to wake up for the day at 6 so I usually feed her and put her back down and she sleeps till 7:30/8 am…. a much better time. =) She takes a morning nap, a looooong afternoon nap, and sometimes a quick catnap around 5 pm. She goes down awake and snuggles with her blankie and paci to go to sleep. She’s a belly sleeper!
Sometimes I like to imagine that Livy has luscious, blonde curls…. but then I realize that it’s just how her headband bent her hair and that really……. it’s pin straight.  =)
Movie and milkshake night! The kids were helping daddy blend up the ice cream! 

Personality: Like seriously, could a baby be any sweeter than Olive is? Livy is a happy, easy-going, smiley, content, and snuggly baby. She melts my heart. =) The past two weeks she’s had a cold and been teething (three teeth now!) so she’s been clingy and a bit grumpy. I miss my normal Olive and hope she gets back to health soon! I think her cold is on it’s way out the door so that’s good.

Pool baby!
Ellie climbed into Livy’s bed and wrapped her up like a burrito one morning. Olive loved it. =)

Milestones: Livy got her ears pierced two weekends ago! We pierced Eloise’s ears when she was six months old, so it was only fair that we get Olive’s done too! =) She cried and cried when she got it done but it was short-lived and they don’t bother her at all now. Olive learned to push her walker across the room this month and is close to walking on her own. She still zooms around the house on hands and knees as her main mode of transportation but I don’t think walking is far off! Olive also wore her first pair of jeans this month. Big girl!!

Ready to get her ears pierced! All smiles now but that changed soon after this picture was taken!! =)
Olive and her new friend, Bailey, just two weeks older than her!
My sweet sweet Olive.

Isaiah and Eloise: The other day I asked Isaiah if he thought that Baby Olive was going to be a boy before she was born (we didn’t know her gender before she was born). He said, “Yea…. well mom, I’m still thinking she’s going to be a boy someday.” Lol! He still hasn’t give up hope for a brother! =)

Olive is soooo mobile now that she gets into the kids’ stuff all the time. They are pretty good about it but sometimes it gets on their nerves. Usually Isaiah will just pick Olive up and move her away but that doesn’t keep her away for long…. she’s a speed crawler!! For the most part they all play pretty well together, though. 
Last week we were driving and I went to get the kids out of the car and found gobs and gobs of Eloise’s hair in Olive’s hands! Their car seats are right next to each other and Eloise had fallen asleep and while she was sleeping Olive pulled out tons of her hair! I don’t know how Ellie didn’t wake up, it looks like that hurt!!! Oh well!
Eloise, the paci stealer!
Big brother, little sister. 
Big sister, little sister. 
The kids with their cousin, Gavin! 

Happy Eight Months, Olive! We Love You!


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