Isaiah – FOUR!

This past Saturday we celebrated Isaiah’s {FOURTH!} birthday party with a little Spider-man themed party by the pool of our temporary apartment building. His actual birthday was September 25th but it worked out best for us to have the party a few days later.

Isaiah is such a hilarious addition to our family! He is full of energy and independence and yet sweet, thoughtful, and quick to help. He thinks and says the funniest things, I don’t know where he comes up with them!

He LOVES puzzles and can be found doing one most every day. He also loves to color and we go through lots and lots of coloring books in this house. His loves Spider-man, riding his bike, Lego’s, and matchbox cars.

Zai is a good, protective big brother (most of the time!). Isaiah and Eloise do their fair share of fighting but there are many moments when they are so kind to each other and it just melts my heart! Isaiah is always looking out for Olive too and making sure she is safe and happy.

This year Isaiah got to celebrate his birthday three times! We let him open up most of his presents on his actual birthday but Drew had class that night and didn’t get home until after 9 pm so we didn’t do much that day. That weekend we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate just the 5 of us. Then the next weekend we had his little pool party! He definitely milked his birthday for all it was worth!

We are so grateful that the Lord gave us this precious little guy 4 years ago. It’s been a wonderful adventure with him as our son! We love you, Isaiah Mark!

Opening presents on his actual birthday.


His little pool side Spider-man party.
It was a perfect day! Not too hot, not too cold, just right!
He loved his cake!


Daddy read Isaiah his life verse (Isaiah 26:8) before we dug into the cake.


He has been talking about a bike forever! He was excited to finally get one. =)


This boy loves puzzles and was excited to get a Planes one!
Isaiah loves to build things too and loves his Lincoln Logs!
Chuck E Cheese!
I love watching them on this screen when they ride this ride at Chuck E Cheese. They make hilarious faces!
Isaiah, we continue to pray that you will grow into a man who desires to love and serve the Lord. Happy 4th Birthday, Big Guy!

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