Miss Olive: 6 Months

Six months old and happy about it!

It’s Miss Livy’s half birthday today! Can’t believe she is half way to one! Olive learned so much this past month. Before she even turned 6 months old, she learned how to sit on her own, crawl, and pull herself up to a standing position! Seriously!?!? Nothing slows this girl down and she’s determined to do everything that her big brother and sister can!! =)

Above is a video of Olive crawling, pulling herself up on the couch….. and eating big sister Eloise’s toes. Gross, I know. 

Height & Weight: 17.8 pounds and 26.5 inches long

Eating: We haven’t officially started Olive on solids yet but we have given her a few tastes of solid food here and there. She doesn’t seem to be accepting it as readily as I had anticipated she would. We’re not pushing it at all on her and will just keep trying every once and a while until she feels comfortable with it. She’s still nursing well and loving her milk!

First time in a highchair! She’s not too sure about it…
Her first Baby Mum Mum!
Sleep: Pretty much the same with sleeping as the past few months. Waking twice a night but one time is usually around 11 pm before I even go to bed, so it’s not too bad! Last week she was sick and was waking up every 1-2 hours and wouldn’t go back to sleep, taking 45 minute naps, and wanting to be constantly held. Let me tell you, I am {happy} to have my sweet Olive back and I’ll take a baby who sleeps 12 hours a night with two wakings any day over that!!! Olive is taking three 2 hours naps during the day and sleeps great on her belly in her own bed. I usually find her sitting up and almost standing up when I go to get her after naps!
Love this little burrito
Silly faces
 Personality: Livy is such a ham! She wrinkles up her nose in the cutest way when she smiles. She LOVES to smile and does it often. She is sweet and cuddly and oh… I could just eat her up!!! Can’t get enough of this girl!!

Livy didn’t make this mess but she had fun playing in it!
Milestones: Olive learned to sit on her own, crawl, and pull herself up to a standing position this month. She also tried her first bite of solid food, sat in her first highchair, rode in a shopping cart for the first time, and swung in a swing for the first time!
First time in a swing!
First time sitting on her own!
One of her first attempts at crawling!
First time sitting in a shopping cart!
Isaiah and Eloise: Now that Olive is mobile it’s created a little bit of a different dynanmic between her and the other kids. She can sit and play with them and crawl after them which is fun. But now she can also get into their toys, pull down their forts, mess up their lego buildings, etc. So far they’ve seemed to be ok with it but I’m anticipating it getting worse as she does it more and more! 

Eloise still thinks Olive is like the sun, moon, and stars!! If Olive is crying she always calls out, “Mom! My sister’s crying!! Get her!” She’s very concerned about her baby sister. Isaiah is concentrated on getting Olive is say words and so when Olive babbles he says, “Mom!! Did you hear it? Olive said my name!” =)

One thing that’s been fun is that this month Olive started fitting into Eloise’s hand-me-down clothes. Since we adopted Eloise at 6 months old, I don’t have any clothes from her smaller than 3-6 months. I didn’t bring many of her hand-me-downs back with me from Uganda but I did bring some of the more special ones and it’s been fun to see Olive wearing them!!
This is Eloise on her VERY first evening with us. We had just gotten home from picking her up at the orphanage!
And this is Olive in Eloise’s “coming home” dress. So special!
This is the very first outfit I bought in Uganda for Eloise, before we even knew when or if she would be our daughter. It’s the outfit she wore on her first full day home with us. 
And here’s sweet Olive in the very same outfit. ❤

Big brother loves his little sister. 

Sisters and best friends

Poor Eloise, Olive always wants to be right where she is… even when she’s on the potty. 

Three of my four favorite people in the world! ❤

Isaiah asked if he could push Olive around in a laundry basket. He’s a good big brother. =)
Eloise loves to make her sister laugh!
And she thinks that Olive is her own personal baby doll. =)

Isaiah wanted his whale to be in this picture with Baby Olive and her piggy. =) Happy Six Months, Baby Girl!!!

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