I Trust You, Jesus

There are four words that the Lord has been teaching me to say and {believe} this past year. They are:


These four words became very meaningful in my life in early January of this year. It was then that God really grabbed a hold of my heart again and I felt convicted that I wasn’t spending the quality and quantity of one on one time with Him that I should. So on January 3, 2014 I decided to start getting up before the rest of my family and having  my quiet time before the craziness of the day began. It hasn’t always been easy to do it, but it really does set the tone for the whole day and I’ve seen so much growth in God when I spend time with Him ALONE (not easy to do when you have three kids!).
It was on January 4 that I was challenged in my devotional (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young) to respond to whatever happens in life by saying, “I trust You, Jesus.” 
The phrase “I trust You, Jesus” stuck and ever since then I’ve found myself often repeating those words when things don’t seem to go as I had hoped or planned.
Praise Jesus that He is all powerful and worthy of my trust! Praise the Lord that I have Someone who knows me inside and out and is working all things together for my good! I don’t need to worry or fret. I can let it all go. It’s incredibly relieving! 
Folks, God is {REAL}. He is {PRESENT}. He {UNDERSTANDS} our circumstances. He is filled with {COMPASSION} {LOVE} and {JUSTICE}. And most importantly of all, He can be {TRUSTED}! No matter what. No matter when. 
Say it with me, “I Trust You, Jesus!” It’s freeing isn’t it!?!?!

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