Miss Olive: 5 Months!

Our Livy turned 5 months old yesterday! Can’t believe how fast the third baby goes by!! And with how quickly Olive is advancing, I feel like the baby days are slipping away from us even faster than normal!

I know, I know, I’m the mom and moms always think their kids are advanced. But seriously, Olive is doing things faster and earlier than Isaiah and Eloise ever did and I really do think she’s ahead of her time! For instance, she already has two teeth and, no joke, is already trying to {CRAWL}!! Yes, when she was still just four months old she was getting up on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth, and looking ready to take off. Geesh! I was contemplating never even teaching her to crawl or walk… and definitely not this early!!! 😉

Trying to crawl!!! She gets in this position all by herself!

Olive continues to be a happy and joyful little baby! She is easy going and sweet. She is just a lovable little sweetheart and we are so blessed by her every day!

Height & Weight: Olive is 17 pounds and 26 inches long. Slow down, baby girl!!!!

Eating: No solid foods yet, although she is starting to show an interest. She watches us intently when we eat and makes chewing motions with her mouth. I think in the next month or so we’ll begin solids. As of right now, she’s just still nursing every 3-4 hours (Yes, all those rolls are just from milk!!!). =)

She pulled her bow over her head during a nap. Usually I take it off before nap time but I forgot this time! Apparently, she thought it was pretty funny. =)

Olive went to her first concert last month- Unity Christian Music Festival! (See her cute little ear plugs?) =)

Olive ate her first ice cream cone this month! (Just kidding, we made it look like she was eating the cone and sent it to Drew as a joke) =)
The girls love and miss Aunt Adelynn!
Sleep: Olive sleeps great in her own bed and also takes great naps in the ergo when we’re out and about. One thing that I started from the beginning was putting her down in her bed awake, and letting her learn how to fall asleep on her own. Now I’m thankful that I can just lay her down when it’s nap time and she knows how to soothe herself to sleep! She’s still not on a consistent schedule and I still can’t let her do much crying at night to help her learn to sleep through the night (we’re all sleeping in one room!). Thus, she still wakes up 2-3 times at night but at least she just wants to eat and goes right back down to sleep. And her bed is right next to mine (in the closet!) so I barely lose any sleep getting her out of bed and putting her back after she’s done eating. 😉 Perks of us all being in one tiny room!!
Olive and her 2nd cousin, Decker – 4 months apart!
Splish, splash, Olive’s takin a bath!
Olive has looked at lots and lots of houses with mommy and daddy! She’s such a good little house hunter! 

Olive’s second time to the zoo in less than 5 months of life. That’s pretty impressive!

I love this picture because it just symbolizes Olive – Joy!

Personality: Olive is still just a sweet, laid back baby! Almost always happy, with a smile ready on her lips. Mmmmm, I could just eat her up! She’s so yummy!!!

Milestones: She’s not yet sitting up on her own but she is rolling all over the place, getting up on her hands and knees, and almost about to crawl! She has one tooth that’s completely popped through and another just under the surface. This month she loves to jump in her jumperoo, chew on her teething elephant, and grab people’s hair and face when they’re holding her!

One tooth in, another on the way!
Almost sitting on her own!
Isaiah and Eloise: Livy has begun taking an interest in Isaiah and Eloise and loves to see what they are up to and smile and laugh at them! Eloise continues to adore and I mean {ADORE} her baby sister!!! It is so sweet to see her love on her. Isaiah likes to take care of Olive and keep an eye out for things that he needs to notify us about (such as the blowout pictured below). He makes sure Baby Olive is protected and well stocked with things to play with!

Isaiah informed us about this blow-out… good thing too, it was starting to drip on the carpet!!!!!
Eloise likes to share everything with her Baby Olive – even her face paint!
Isaiah makes sure Olive has {plenty}of toys to play with. 
Bath time!

Happy Five Months Baby Girl!

2 thoughts on “Miss Olive: 5 Months!

  1. Thanks, Rebekah. It has been nice that Olive is a go with the flow type of baby with all we've gone through in the last couple of months. Hope we can find a house soon too! House hunting is fun but stressful!!!!!!!!!!!!

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