I’m Still Alive!

I’m still here! I’m still alive! Life has been crazy lately but I’ll try to update you…. and I’ll try to get back to blogging more often as we continue to get more settled!

Two weeks ago today Drew and his dad arrived in Michigan and we were finally reunited as a family after six weeks apart! The kids readjusted to life with daddy much quicker than I thought. I thought there would be a period of time where they wouldn’t want much to do with him and might even be mad at him. Isaiah especially took the separation very hard and I was most worried about him readjusting. However, all three kids did wonderfully! They acted like daddy had never been gone and we went right back into life as normal. It was an unexpected blessing!

On Monday, the 18th, we rented two u-hauls and tried to cram all of our stuff from two storage units into them! Needless to say, we couldn’t fit everything in and ended up leaving much of it behind. It’s ok, God will provide more! On Tuesday we headed out and began our l.o.n.g. and s.l.o.w. drive down to Florida! Between pulling two {heavy} u-hauls and having three kids who needed several breaks, we moved slowly! But it was ok because that was our plan. We wanted to take it slow and easy and planned to do the normally 18 hour trip in three days and arrive on Thursday. The kids traveled extremely well. Olive was probably the hardest as she had a hard time being entertained when not sleeping. She wanted to be held (who can blame her!?!?!). But Isaiah and Eloise were excellent little travelers. Give them snacks, paper and pens, a movie, and their blankets and they are good to go for hours!

Let’s do this!
Traveling made Olive hungry! She ordered a double cheeseburger!! 
This is when we pulled into our hotel the first night. The kids were all sleeping when we arrived. Apparently Isaiah did not want to be disturbed! 
Hanging out in the hotel the next morning.
Love these three babies!!

We arrived in Jacksonville just after noon on Thursday, the 21st and then began the hard work (in almost 100 degree weather!) of moving everything up to our second floor (no elevator) apartment. Thankfully we had Drew’s aunt and uncle here helping us, as well as Drew’s dad! Then came the tedious work of washing all of our linens and dishes as everything had been in storage for over two years. Also the task of trying to figure out what to unpack and what to keep packed, and figuring out where to put things. Whew! It was quite a day and no, not everything got done that day!

We are staying in a nice apartment building just a few miles from Drew’s work. We’re staying in a one bedroom apartment. Yes, all FIVE of us in ONE bedroom!!!! But don’t worry, it’s not permanent. 😉 We have a three month lease on the apartment and are currently house hunting. We hope to buy a house by the time our lease is up and finally move somewhere permanently! We have done {SO} much moving recently (I moved 3 times while Drew was in Florida) and the kids are itching for stability. We had originally thought that the kids and I would stay in Michigan until we were able to buy a house and then move straight in. However, it is looking like it will be a while until we close on a house so we decided just to get us all together in something temporary until that time.

First night in our new apartment!
Does anyone feel like they’re watching an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive ? 
Not even unpacked and we’ve already run out of room!

We don’t have much space but I really love this tiny little apartment! It’s obviously not a permanent solution as more than half our stuff is still packed up for lack of space. And it’s not ideal to have us all in one bedroom. But, honestly, I really don’t need much space to be happy. I love that I’m so close to the kids all day and can always see what they are doing. It feels quiet and cozy in here and I love it! =) And I think the best part is that, after 2 1/2 years, I’m {FINALLY} using all of my own things again and that really helps the place to feel like home to me. The apartment also has four different pools so the kids are having a blast going to the pool every day. We have all we need for now and we are satisfied!

Enjoying the pool! We’ve only been here a week and Isaiah has already learned how to swim, all on his own!
I’m just going to think the best and assume that all this dirt that I vacuumed up off the apartment floor came from us when we moved everything in…. not that the apartment was terribly dirty when we got the keys!
Getting a little more settled.
It’s starting to look livable in here!
Isaiah likes his new bunk bed!

We’ve been in the apartment for about a week and a half now and it’s starting to feel like home around here. I’m obviously not going to decorate or unpack everything but it still feels good just to be all together as a family, using our own familiar things.

Our dining room is being used as a storage unit right now, housing all the stuff we can’t unpack.
Not looking too bad!
Feels like home!

Olive sleeps in the walk-in closet. 😉
Just enough space for us all! =)

We’re currently house hunting (crazy stressful!) and believe that the Lord has a house just for us. We’re looking and praying and hope to find the right house for us soon and finally have a permanent place to call home! In the meantime, we are enjoying our tiny little apartment. =)

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive!

  1. Hey Amber! Glad to hear you made in to FL. You are amazing! Praise God for his grace on you during these last few months. Wow! We will be praying for you to find the perfect house for your sweet family. Enjoy that pool! =)

  2. Thank you, Kate. God really has given us so much grace and strength to make it through every part of our journey this past year and a half! We are hoping that things are going to be settling down in the near future but, if God has more “turbulent waters” for us to go through, we know he'll give us more grace and strength!! We are enjoying the pool in the mean time though. 😉

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