Miss Olive: 3 Months Old

Whew! I’m a few days late with Olive’s three month update (she turned 3 months on the 2nd) but I have a good excuse! We’ve been gone from home for three weeks, and the last two weeks I’ve hardly had any internet access. What’s a girl to do!?!? =)

We were in Myrtle Beach for a week with my side of the family and then the past two weeks we’ve been in Florida. The kids and I just got home two nights ago (to a HUGE stack of mail to sort through, dirty laundry to wash, and a whole lot of unpacking to do)! It’s nice to be home but we have some big changes coming up in the future so not much time to relax (more about that in a later post). 

Anyways, little Livy is growing like a weed! She’s a joy in our lives and we are so thankful for her. She is a sweet and cuddly baby and our whole family is smitten with her! She’s had some rough days these past few weeks as we’ve been out of our routine (and had two 24 hour car rides!) but she’s been a trooper! She is almost always ready for a smile and a sweet giggle! We are so in love!

Three Months Old Already!!

Height & Weight: Olive is about 14 pounds on our at home scale. She has an appointment next week and I’m anxious to see what her accurate height and weigh are!

Eating: Being gone from home for the last three weeks really did a number on Olive’s eating schedule. =) She’s still eating pretty much every three hours but now that we’re home we’re going to get back into a consistent routine again.

Yes my three month old is watching a movie in the car…. it was a long ride, people! Whatever it takes! =)
Sleep: Being gone also did a number on her sleeping habits! 😉 She’s been waking up about 3 times every night to eat. Still taking good naps but I need to get her back to a little consistency during the day and hopefully that will help with night time sleep.

Cool hair-do!

Personality: Olive is seriously such a happy little baby! She’s very content and laid back and LOVES to smile. She will smile for most anyone. She has also started giggling! It’s the cutest thing ever. =)

Milestones: Olive has started showing a love for blankets and will pull up any blanket near her and suck on it. She’s also started trying to get her thumb in her mouth and we’re wondering if she’s going to be a thumb sucker just like big brother! We can tell that she is starting to be able to see a little bit farther away and now things across the room will catch her eye and make her smile.

Olive met a new friend when we were in Florida- Maryella!
Too much cuteness!!
Love early morning snuggles with this sweetie.
Isaiah and Eloise: Isaiah and Eloise are still great big siblings. Eloise is the ultimate mother. I love seeing all three of them interact with each other! It makes this mother’s heart happy. =) I have never seen either of them be mean to “Baby Olive” even when she’s screaming. I know there will be fighting in the future, but for now I’m thankful that they both love and accept her!

Happy three month birthday, Baby Olive!

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