Myrtle Beach!

Sorry it’s been quiet here on the blog lately. We’ve been on vacation in Myrtle Beach and I’ve been having too much fun in the sun to think about my blog. =)

Although the drive down took two days and lots and lots of driving, the kids travelled pretty well. We sure were glad to get there, though!!!

What else is a girl to do with 15 hours in the car other than cover herself in stickers??

We vacationed with my mom and dad, two brothers and their wives (and one baby), my sister and her husband, my two little sisters, and my aunt and uncle and their three girls. It was a wild group!!! And so much fun!

The Luckey Family!
Yes, we are super goofy. We love to have a good time! =)

Uncle Bill and Aunt Stephanie
Gabe and Alyssa
Josh, Krystal and Novalee
Our family!
Derek and Kate
Dad, Mom, Janae and Adelynn
Love this good little baby!

Isaiah and Eloise had SO much fun in the pools! The resort had several pools (including indoor and outdoor ones!), a lazy river, a huge swirly slide, and a pirate ship water park for kids. Needless to say, they were exhausted at night! =)

The kids slept hard at night, that’s for sure!!
Brave boy on the water slide!
The pirate ship!

Isaiah must have been pretty tuckered out to fall asleep like this…
He slept like this for over an hour! lol!
Little Miss took lots of naps too. =)

I also had the chance to meet up with my friend, Abby, who lives about 5 hours from Myrtle Beach. I graduated from high school with Abby over 10 years ago in Kampala, Uganda! It was so fun to meet up with her and meet her 4 kids! I’m glad she was willing to make the drive to spend a few days with us!

Some of our kids are missing but this is the best we could do. =)
The cutest part about the whole vacation for me was that Isaiah somehow got it in his mind that the pool itself was called Myrtle Beach. Each morning he would wake up and say, “Can we please go to Myrtle Beach now!?!?!” meaning that he wanted to go down to the pool. Lol!
Another cute thing Isaiah said during the trip was when Drew got up early to go play tennis one morning. When my dad came in and asked Isaiah where daddy was he said, “Oh, Daddy went to play Tennessee.” =)
It was a great vacation and we all had a blast! We are planning to get the Luckey family together for vacation every two years and I am already looking forward to next time!

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