Miss Olive: 2 Months Old

Our little Livy Kay is 2 months old today!! She has been such a joy to us and we already can’t imagine our lives without her! She already has so much personality and is so loved by all of us.

2 months old!

Height & Weight: Not sure of her height but I just weighed her on our scale at home. Almost 13 pounds! Last week I put away all of her newborn clothes and she’s officially in all 3 month size! Where is my little baby going? She’s growing up way too fast!

Eating: Olive’s still nursing very well, every three hours at roughly the same times each day and once at night. She’s a good eater and I see some rolls developing in her future!! =)

My smiley 2 month old!
Sleep: She’s been doing great with sleeping! She takes four naps during the day and at night sleeps from 8 pm – 7 am with only one night waking. I’ll take it! She does like to take naps in her own crib and has a hard time sleeping elsewhere, which can be a bit hard when we’re out and about.

Personality: She is such a happy baby! She’s very content and has a very “go with the flow” type personality. She smiles SO much! Whenever she catches your eye, she’ll smile at you! She’s already so sweet and I could seriously just gobble her up!!!

Smilin at Daddy. ❤
Fist bump!
Milestones: Olive has started “cooing” and “talking” to us. She found her hands recently and can now bring them up to her mouth and also rub her eyes. 
Isaiah and Eloise: Isaiah and Eloise are still just as sweet as ever with her. They hate it when she cries and do everything they can to make her happy again.
When Olive goes down for a nap, Eloise is always asking, “Where’d baby go?” She’s very concerned about knowing where her little sister is at all times! She still loves to hold her and help her get her paci back in when it falls out! 

One day Olive was crying and so Isaiah decided he would share his blanket and his toy solider with her. =) He had to come back a few times for a little snuggle with his blankie, though. =) He is a great big brother and always loving on his sister. 

Love this cute girl!!
Olive and Aunt Janae
Olive and Uncle Gabe
Olive and her cousin, Nova. 
The grand kids on my side. Three of the four are mine… my brothers and sisters need to catch up! 

8 thoughts on “Miss Olive: 2 Months Old

  1. I know! Photos with all the kids together can be such a pain to take (you have to take about a million and still not everyone is looking! LoL!) but they are such a treasure that I know we will enjoy having years down the road!

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