Miss Olive: 1 Month

Can’t believe it, but our little Olive is 1 month old today! I love the newborn sleepy, snuggly stage and it’s flying by entirely too fast! Can somebody please tell this girl to stop growing so quickly!?!?!

One Month Old!!

Height & Weight: At her three week doctors appointment she was 10 lbs 4 oz but they didn’t measure her height. Maybe about 22 1/2 inches by now?

Eating: We’ve been working on getting Olive on a flexible schedule. She now eats every three hours during the day at roughly the same times and two to three times at night whenever she wakes up. She is seriously a breastfeeding champ and has been the quickest of all my kids to figure it out! It helps too that this is the third child I’ve breastfed so I have it pretty much figured out too. =)

Meema and Olive
Aunt Adelynn and Olive

Sleep: Olive takes several 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps during the day and sleeps in about 3 hour stretches at night. Even though she wakes up 2-3 times during the night, when she wakes up she just needs to eat and then goes right back down, so it’s not too bad!

Personality: Since I only have Isaiah to compare Olive to as a newborn (Eloise joined our family at 6 months) I’ll just say that she is a totally different baby than he was! ( But she was a totally different baby in the womb too so I’m not surprised!) Isaiah was a good baby and Olive is too but just so different. One thing that’s so different is that she gets startled very easily.  She will jump a mile high and start crying if something scares her. It’s amusing to watch but I’m sure she doesn’t like it! Lol! She will go from being content to all out screaming within seconds when she’s not happy. Isaiah would at least give me a warning period of fussiness!

So far Olive seems to be a paci girl just like her big sister! And Eloise is like the paci police- always making sure her little sister has her paci when she needs it!

Olive has been a very peaceful and content baby so far. She’s living up to her name! Although I know this could change at any time, for now I’m enjoying her mellow personality – a blessing when it’s your third baby!

Milestones: Olive is already smiling and it’s so precious! Isaiah’s babybook says he didn’t consistently smile (a smile on purpose- not a “gas” smile!) until 8 weeks old so this feels young to me! Her little crooked smile is so precious and warms my heart. Below there is an adorable video of her smiles!

Isaiah and Eloise: The kids are incredibly sweet with her. I’m surprised, but Eloise has NOT been jealous of me holding and taking care of Olive. Not even one little bit! She’s jealous when I hold Isaiah and not her though… Lol! I think she just loves Olive so much and thinks that she is “her” baby that she doesn’t mind at all when I care for her. So thankful for that! Eloise is there for pretty much every diaper change and bath time and visits her regularly when she’s in her swing or bouncy seat. She always wants to help care for “her” baby. She says many times throughout the day, “Hold me baby” and wants to hold Olive. She is so loving with her and very gentle. She’s been an awesome big sister so far!

Isaiah is also very gentle and loving with Olive! He is the “problem solver” of the family and if Olive is crying he immediately jumps up and turns on some music for her, puts her paci back in, or tries to make her laugh. He does not like to hear her cry! He picked her up once and carried her all the way across the house where he promptly dropped her on the ground! She didn’t fall far though and barely cried at all. BUT we put a stop to that real quick and now he knows he can’t hold her without mommy or daddy nearby!

The other day Isaiah asked me “So…when is the baby going to be a boy?!?” Bless his heart! Since we didn’t know whether we were having a boy or girl we kept telling him that the baby might be a boy or it might be a girl and tried to explain to him that it would only be one or the other. I think he understands that we only get to have one baby but apparently he thinks that Olive can switch from a girl to a boy and back again. Lol!

We are so in love with our sweet Livy Kay and praise God for the blessing she is in our family!

8 thoughts on “Miss Olive: 1 Month

  1. That is one adorable smile.

    Kids have these weird ideas in their heads, and you can't even begin to know what they're thinking until they say it. Apparently, you can switch that baby to a boy, and he's probably wondering why you won't!

  2. Oh, I laughed at that! When will she switch mamma? you may wish he was on to something when she hits her hormonal teen years! LOL! I love how the kids are so bonded already, what love they show to each other! Olive is growing so quickly and she has such a beautiful smile.. Happy to see you all doing well and 'smiling' 🙂

  3. Definitely exciting! Lol! Just thankful she didn't get hurt. She only cried for a few seconds so I'm thinking she didn't fall far and maybe rolled against his leg which helped soften her landing. Either that or she's just really tough!

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