Potty Training Eloise

Well, I think it’s safe to safe that Eloise is fully potty trained! I’ve been waiting to write this blog post because it seems that as soon as I tell someone that she’s pretty much potty trained she has an accident! Didn’t want to test my luck!! But I think that now that she’s been accident free for a few weeks and made it through several Bible studies and Sunday school classes (that’s always the test right!?!) without an accident, I’m safe to write this post.

Eloise won’t be two until next month and I really debated about whether or not I wanted to try to potty train her before the new baby came. On one hand, it’s nice not to have to worry about two in diapers. It cuts down on costs! But on the other hand, having a newly potty trained toddler and a new baby is hard! A newly potty trained toddler can’t “hold it in” for very long so I have to make sure I’m on the ball about taking her RIGHT when she says she has to go… which means that no matter where we are, in the car or the grocery store, or wherever…. when she’s gotta go, she’s gotta go! It’s just sooo much easier to have a child who can just pee in their diaper instead of needing to find a potty for them at any given moment, know what I mean?!?!

We started potty training in January when Eloise was 21 months old. I potty trained Isaiah at 25 months old and he was {EASY}. It basically took him one day to get the hang of it and after 3 days he never had an accident again!! I wasn’t expecting Eloise to be that easy because she was a lot younger but I wasn’t expecting it to take as long as it did. It took her about two months to really get the hang of it full time. I think part of why it took her a bit longer was her age, and part of it was that she just has a different personality than Isaiah. Isaiah is a super flexible, go with the flow, let things roll off your back kind of kid. He adjusts to change and new things easily. Eloise, however, is an “I like my routine”, hold on to and remember any grievance against her, slow to change kind of girl. (READ: Drama Queen!!) =)

But I think she’s finally potty trained, just in time for the new baby to come! When did you potty train your kids?


10 thoughts on “Potty Training Eloise

  1. I've always heard that boys are harder than girls to potty train. In my experience, my son was the easiest so far. I have one other son to get thru but I'm in no hurry. My son must be the same age as your two year old (april babies). My plan was to start with him next month.

  2. Our first was 2 years and 5 months, a girl. Numbers 2-5 were two years old, 3 boys and a girl. Number 6, a girl was 2 years 3 months, and number 7, a boy, is going on 2 years 3 months right now. He is more than capable but says “I don't yike the toyet.” Timing for me depends somewhat on the child and a lot on how much time and energy I have due to child spacing, etc.

  3. Cute video! I love her voice!! Seth was 28 months and it still took him a good couple of months to get the hang of it. I'm not sure what I'll do with Cameron. I'm thinking about the summer of 2015, maybe…he will be about the same age as Seth, but I really think it will depend on when number three comes along. I really don't want two in diapers, but if it happens it happens. 🙂

  4. I've always heard that too! But my son was SO easy to potty train. Eloise was much harder! That's neat that we have kids the same age. Eloise will be two April 14th! Yay for April babies!

  5. I agree about timing! I don't think I would have started Eloise quite so soon if the new baby wasn't coming. I knew that it was either now or wait until a few months after baby was born and I had the energy again! So I decided to go for it now! =)

  6. When is number 3 coming along!?!?! Can't wait to hear. =) Alot of potty training depends on the child and like you said on the timing of things. Atleast you do cloth so if you do end up with two in diapers it won't be much extra cost for you!!

  7. Congrats you guys! I am happy that Eloise is potty trained! I wish I had that type of luck! Bella will be 2 next month and she shows no interest in pottying. When it comes to being verbal to potty, she's not there yet. You did encourage me to know that she will be there soon.

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