Bumpdate: 37 Weeks!

A few days ago I had my 37 week doctors appointment! I’ve been having lots of cramping and some contractions starting up. My doctor said I’m dilated to 1 but still nice and thick so hopefully baby is planning to stay in a few weeks longer than Isaiah did! I am hoping and praying that Baby at least stays in until the 14th because Drew is taking his last exam for Edward Jones that day! After that I’m ready to have this baby (but watch, I’ll probably be like 2 weeks overdue!)! 

How far along: 37 weeks

Size of baby: Baby has reached full term and likely measures somewhere around 18-20 inches and about 6-7 pounds! About the size of a winter melon.

Total weight gain: 22 pounds

Baby’s heart rate: 145

Stretch marks: None yet! We’ll see what these next few weeks bring! 

Morning Sickness: I said “so long” to Zofran a few months ago! Feeling good these days!

Gender: We don’t know! Can’t wait until we find out, we’re getting more and more anxious to know!

Movement: Less movement these days but baby is still pretty active. And it HURTS! This baby has a knack for kicking and jabbing in very uncomfortable places. 

Sleep: Not sleeping well at all. I’m not uncomfortable while sleeping, just not….. sleepy! Waking up several times at night, unable to fall back asleep. Often up before six and can’t go back down. 

Cravings: No real cravings. Still leaning towards sweet things but it’s not uncontrollable. Still having my apple (or two!) a day! 😉 

What I miss: I miss being able to shave my legs without struggling to bend over and thus making my legs go numb and fall asleep!!! Seriously, I’m thinking about just having hairy legs for delivery. This is getting ridiculous! 

Symptoms: Still have that pinched nerve, now on both sides of my lower back but relieving it with stretching and exercise. Having lots of cramping and a few contractions starting up. A little low on energy but still taking care of the kids, cooking, and cleaning without any difficulties. All in all feeling pretty good!  

What I’m looking forward to: Drew finishing up the last test he is studying for for Edward Jones so that he can be home more and we can get the last minute things ready for baby! Also, looking forward to SPRING and hoping it brings warmer weather (I can hope, right?)! I thought being pregnant during the winter would help keep me warm, but not this winter!!!!

Isaiah and Eloise: Isaiah and Eloise are doing great! Isaiah talks a mile a minute and seriously {never} stops. He has quite the imagination and these days he loves to tell stories about giants and how he and daddy are going to fight them off and protect Mommy, Eloise, and the new baby. I love the things he thinks up!

Eloise is fully potty trained now (yay!) and also has a growing vocabulary. When she finishes her pee pees on the potty she says, “I’m so proud of me” because she hears us telling Isaiah and her often “I’m so proud of you!”. It’s so sweet. She is almost 2…. where is the time going? Can’t believe my baby girl is growing up so fast!

They are both still so excited about the baby coming. Eloise still loves my belly and loves to lay her head on it and kiss it and feel the baby move. Then Isaiah will come over and push her hand away because he wants to feel the baby move too. It usually ends in a fight but it’s sweet that they are fighting over feeling their baby sibling! I’m envisioning this baby being smothered in kisses and lots of love by his/her older siblings!

37 weeks with Isaiah! This was the day I had him. My water had broken earlier that morning and we were just about to head to the hospital!
37 weeks with Baby Hutcheson #3 (in the same shirt!)!
And… Can I just say…. Either Spring or this baby better get here {quick} because this winter coat is barely zipping anymore and I refuse to buy a maternity winter coat with less than 3 weeks left. 😉 

12 thoughts on “Bumpdate: 37 Weeks!

  1. You're almost there! Praying for energy for you as you care for your family right now. And looking forward to hearing how everything goes! I saw an Edward Jones commercial yesterday and thought of you guys =)

  2. Wow only 3 more weeks to go. I remember those days like it was yesterday. I didn't make it to 37 and had my baby at 35 weeks due to complications. I didn't think of doing something like this to remember the days/weeks. Love this idea. Are your bags ready?

  3. You are looking so cute! I love these updates! You have done well with only 22 pounds you've gained! I made it to 38 weeks with my last one and only 34 weeks with my first. Good job momma!

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