Maternity Photographs

Last week I was able to get maternity photos done, taken by Kim from Studio 9 Photography! She offered to do a maternity shoot for me completely free of charge! I’m so glad I did them as I never did any with Isaiah and I wish I had. Thirty-six  weeks pregnant and out for an hour in the freezing (did I mention FREEZING) cold made for an interesting adventure that was so worth it! =) I love how they turned out!

6 thoughts on “Maternity Photographs

  1. I've got a few random pictures and video that I happen to be pregnant in but I never thought about having a professional photo shoot. It's being done quite a lot now but it wasn't really something we did 20+ years ago. Your pictures are lovely.

  2. Thank you, Tamara! Yea, maternity photo shoots definitely were not popular so many years ago but now so many people have them done. It's a great way to remember that you actually had that big of a belly with a baby inside!!!! After several years it gets hard to imagine that you actually did!!

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