Hutcheson Halloween 2013

This year was the first year that the kids have been old enough to understand and enjoy Halloween. Isaiah would have enjoyed it last year too but we were living in Uganda then and well… not much trick or treating goes on there. =)

We started the Halloween celebration a few weeks ago with some pumpkin carving (which Isaiah {loved}, although he was pretty grossed out by the pumpkin “guts”)! Then, on Halloween night, we went to a local church that had indoor trick or treating. It was a rainy evening so we opted to do something indoor so the kids could stay warm and dry. Unfortunately, there were like 1,000 people (no joke!) that went to that church that night so we ended up waiting outside in the rain for over a half hour before we actually made it far enough in line to get into the building. Once we got inside the kids had a blast but it was quite an adventure during the wait (with no umbrella!). Thankfully the kids didn’t have any face paint or anything on and their costumes dried quickly. It was a {fun} night!

The kids came back with tons of candy! Surprisingly, neither of them have asked to have any of it since that night, even though their buckets are sitting on the counter in plain view still full of candy! I’m planning to let them keep a few special pieces and then “trade” the rest of it in to receive a new fun toy. I’d rather have them playing than rotting their teeth out with candy!!

Hope your Halloween was also great (and preferably drier!!)! =)

Pumpkin carving night. Eloise modeling a true FRO!


Josh (rockin the fro) and his daughter, Nova.


Having fun carving pumpkins. =)


Nova and Eloise had fun together during the pumpkin carving.


Serious carvers


Pumpkin carving!


I did not carve this pumpkin and I’m NOT going to mention who did.


My cute little pumpkin.


Love him. ❤


My cute little trick-or-treaters!! Thomas the Train and a little kitty.


Being silly.


Love these two!


And they love each other!


Sweet kitty cat.


Enjoying her first piece of Halloween candy.


“Eloise, smile!”


Checking out their loot. Both kids got a lot!!!

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